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HTX Ventures levels up backs NexGami in GameFi ecosystem expansion

HTX Ventures levels up backs NexGami in GameFi ecosystem expansion

HTX Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm specializing in the gaming and blockchain sectors, has recently disclosed its strategic investment in NexGami, a leading player in the emerging field of GameFi. This investment aims to bolster the development of a robust GameFi ecosystem, combining elements of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) to create innovative opportunities for gamers and investors alike.

GameFi, short for “Game Finance,” is a rapidly growing sector within the broader blockchain and gaming industries. It leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to introduce novel concepts such as play-to-earn mechanics, asset ownership, and decentralized governance to traditional gaming experiences.

NexGami, with its proven track record and expertise in gaming and blockchain technologies, is well-positioned to spearhead the evolution of GameFi. The company’s vision is to create a seamless integration between gaming and DeFi, empowering gamers to monetize their in-game achievements and assets while fostering a vibrant and inclusive gaming community.

HTX Ventures’ investment in NexGami underscores its confidence in the potential of GameFi to disrupt the gaming industry and unlock new revenue streams for players and developers. By providing financial support and strategic guidance, HTX Ventures aims to accelerate NexGami’s growth trajectory and establish it as a leader in the burgeoning GameFi space.

In addition to financial backing, the partnership between HTX Ventures and NexGami is expected to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration within the gaming and blockchain communities. The two entities aim to drive innovation, expand market reach, and create value for stakeholders across the GameFi ecosystem through joint initiatives and synergistic efforts.

With the backing of HTX Ventures and the expertise of its team, NexGami is poised to embark on an exciting journey toward realizing its vision of a thriving GameFi ecosystem. By harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology and gaming, the company aims to revolutionize how people play, compete, and transact in virtual worlds.

“HTX Ventures is constantly searching for cutting-edge initiatives that open up Web3 access for corporations and retail users. Through games such as MetaMyth and traditional gaming projects on-chain, NexGami is bringing Web3 to a wider audience. Edward, HTX Ventures’ managing partner, stated, “HTX Ventures is thrilled to support its journey in transforming the gaming landscape through Web3.”

Brice Bian, the founder and CEO of NexGami, stated, “We are incredibly grateful for the support from our investors, which will enable us to accelerate our development and bring our vision of a revolutionary Web3 gaming platform to life.”

At the end of May, NexGami unveiled its $NEXG token, and this seed round announcement coincided with the token launch on HTX.


Presently, HTX Ventures supports more than 200 projects in several blockchain domains, with a few superior ventures already transacting on the HTX market. Moreover, HTX Ventures, one of the busiest Fund of Funds (FOF) investors, works with leading international blockchain funds, including IVC, Shima, and Animoca, to jointly create the blockchain ecosystem.

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