Hubii and Microsoft to Officially Reveal “Nahmii” at Upcoming Blockchain Event

Hubii and Microsoft are all set to announce nahmii officially at a forthcoming blockchain event called “Microsoft and hubii – Blockchain in Practice.” Nahmii is the latest Microsoft Azure-powered scaling solution that concentrates on preparing Ethereum in a way that makes it usable for enterprise-level app development.

The event is slated to be held on 12th September 2019 at the Norway headquarters of Microsoft in Oslo, as per the official press release. The event members will get to learn a lot about DLT (distributed ledger technology) platforms being built by hubii, Microsoft, and other entities.

Jacobo Toll-Messia, Hubii’s CEO and nahmii’s developer, considers this announcement as an important feat for hubii. The CEO expresses that working with Microsoft would provide nahmii with the necessary platform, as well as exposure to emerge as the top-tier blockchain events interoperability and scaling solutions. Continuing further, Toll-Messia states that their upcoming event, together with StartupLab and NBX, is a great opportunity to showcase nahmii’s power to the current customer base of Microsoft.

On the other hand, Christopher Frenning, the Cloud and AI director at Microsoft, believes that nahmii solution tackles numerous issues concerning the blockchain space. Frenning also says that they are thrilled to see protocols, such as nahmii, add up value by integration with Azure.

Understanding nahmii & its offerings:

Nahmii, based on Ethereum blockchain, is apparently in tune with smart contracts-powered DLT platforms. As highlighted in the press release, nahmii will act as a scaling and interoperability solution that may improve the DLT network’s utility and performance. In fact, the developers of the protocol have plans of deploying it to the BTC blockchain via a smart contract platform called RSK, with Bitcoin network security.

As far as the use cases are concerned, Nahmii can be utilized for improving gaming apps, trading, content distribution, and IoT devices. The press release also disclosed that the solution is designed for boosting the throughput, offer almost-zero latency, and instant finality of transactions while providing low transaction fee on a consistent basis.

More details about nahmii’s features, roadmap along with possible applications will be provided by Toll-Messia at the scheduled event.

It is essential to note that Microsoft has entered the enterprise-level blockchain apps and tools for quite some time now. The company has also released a few open-source DLT product offerings. Their Azure Blockchain Services and Azure Blockchain Workbench have simplified the app development process on the DLT platforms. Now with nahmii, it will be possible for the clients and partners of Microsoft to make systems based on blockchain accessible to global businesses.

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