Human Protocol goes live on MultiversX Mainnet & enhances Micropayment

The introduction of the internet has completely altered our way of looking at tasks ahead of us, coupled with the levels of productivity we can expect. It happens to be because of the setting up of global networks that we are, as of date, able to effortlessly and conveniently carry out the tasks of data sharing as well as information. 

Overall, there happens to be a happy mingling of various organizations, along with humans and machines, that is entirely turning around the functionalities of a combined workforce. Presently, with the effective utilization of blockchain, all of this will indeed reach the very next level of competence. 

In this matter, the AI-boosted Human protocol happens to have now gone live on the MultiversX Mainnet. In doing so, it is taking in all of the benefits of its ultimate new-age blockchain technology, for being in the position of properly being able to look into the authentication, as well as the dissemination of tasks at scale. 

Further to this, all of the connected users will now be in the position of obtaining payments in the form of HMT (Human Protocol Token) straight and with the help of the MultiversX Network. The token will also be made available through the xPortal SuperApp and xExchange. 

Human Protocol, on its own, happens to be providing an answer related to the management, automation, as well as assessment, and incentivization of different kinds of tasks. With the incorporation of its framework with that of the Multiversx Mainnet, Human Protocol is able to carry out its automated global job marketplace with the least amount of expenses, along with higher effectiveness and sans throughput limitations. 

The aim and intention of the entity are to be able to offer the maximum level of the global audience having connectivity with its ecosystem. There happens to be an urgent requirement for a multichain way of functioning as time seems to be passing by. According to the Director of Ecosystem and Operations at Human Protocol, Andreas Schemm, they have seemingly taken the right step by rising to the occasion and the need of the hour.

During the last three months of the year 2022, more than 250 million tasks were successfully finished by the workers engaged with the Human App. This happens to amply prove the necessity for the solutions offered by the platform, and they only mean to take things to the next level. Their goal is to keep up with the kinds of demands that come their way and fulfill them to the best of their capabilities. Where the opinion of the CEO of Multiversx, Benjamin Mincu is concerned, he firmly stands by the fact that Artificial Intelligence is coming their way in a huge rush and will be here to stay. Therefore, in his belief, they should be adequately prepared for it.

The mission and vision statement of Human Protocol is to be able to live up to the expectations which will stem from the next stage of machine intelligence. There should be a process through which machines will be able to interact directly with humans and take the required data for their own upgrades. 


The Foundation is also working on the framework that manages to label magnum datasets with hCaptcha, which happens to be a bot-blocking Captcha technology. Through this, users are requested to put a label on whatever they visualize in order to spell out that they happen to be human. 

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