Hume Receives Massive Series-A funding of $11.7 Million

Hume, which in actuality is a start-up Web3 entertainment platform, has been successful in procuring a massive amount of $11.7 million through Series A funding. This amount is to trigger their imminent plans and vision of effectively and properly transferring conventional forms of music right onto the metaverse platform. 

Some names responsible for their contribution to the funding are Gemini Frontier Fund, Collab+Currency, Gmoney, and many others. This fact speaks volumes about the start-up, Hume, itself and helps to position it well amongst the competition. 

The aim and clear vision of Hume are to work on and effectively and adequately promote already existing virtual artists, both in the digital and the real world, also popularly known as metastars. According to Hume, this will be feasible to achieve by seamlessly connecting the music with a suitable narrative and a viable storyline. 

According to Hume, the entire process involved with the making of metastars is handled and worked upon in-house. A completely professional, highly efficient, and proactive team exists that closely looks into and supervises, round the clock, all activities of production matters, story writers, expert persons in animations, people who promote the project, and vocalist persons involved with promotional activities. 

The Co-Founder and CEO of Hume, David Beiner, took the opportunity to air his viewpoint and concerns regarding the ominous presence of persons from the bureaucracy and the political class and their constant interference in matters related to the Web3 industry, which ultimately deters a smooth connection between the artists and their multiple fans. 

Roxanne Williams

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