Hummus x the Metis Marathon, It’s Official Now!

Hummus has joined the Metis Marathon, a builder incentive program that is scheduled to conclude after 26 weeks. The objective is to accelerate the growth of the DeFi ecosystem of Metis.

It is a part of a collaborative effort of both parties that is headed towards the direction of bringing stable liquidity to Metis and extending a strong foundation in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Hummus will receive 54,000 METIS tokens in return under the collaborative agreement, and METIS tokens will be utilized further to enhance the offerings and overall mechanism of Hummus.

The partnership between Hummus and the Metis Foundation went a while back when the Hummus Exchange was deployed on the Metis Andromeda to combine the network’s security, speed, and efficiency. All these factors were perfectly blended with an ultra-low slippage stableswap mechanism and dynamic staking rewards system.

Users of Hummus Exchange can seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds through a friendly user interface without worrying about impermanent loss. Another offering includes the novel approach to the LP Token, whose flexible liquidity pool architecture averages the functioning of a single-sided staking mechanism. This allows taking the capital efficiency to the maximum level with an ultra-low slippage.

This brings the total offerings of Hummus to five points which are as follows:-

  • Traders getting ultra-low slippage
  • Liquidity providers do not worry about the impermanent loss
  • Maximum efficiency of capital
  • Single-sided liquidity provision
  • Scaling liquidity pools with new tokens as easily as possible

The Metis Marathon has been launched by the MetisDAO Foundation to incentivize builders to push for fierce developments in the Metis ecosystem. The program will run for 26 weeks to focus on introducing some of the top DeFi protocols by Total Value Locked (TVL). Moreover, the Metis Marathon will also incentivize some of the most innovative decentralized applications to create a native powerhouse.

The Metis Marathon Campaign was announced on August 05, 2022, through an official blog post that noted that the community had supported all the endeavors, and it was time to do it again and earn great rewards in return. Members of the community can either participate in the program or support it as an external factor in program.

Activities of the program are running across social media, and members can join through any preferred social media channel. Members can further progress to enter the Ambassador Program by showcasing exceptional participation in multiple activities, creating excellent content, and generating high engagement.

However, it must be noted that activities being run are not to promote the token but for educational purposes only. Users who qualify for the Ambassador program will also be eligible to receive Metis token rewards.


Basic tasks that members must complete to qualify are:-

  • Follow Metis on Twitter and create a tweet for the same; and,
  • Join its Telegram and Discord community.

More activities for the program will be announced in the weeks to come.

David Cox

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