Humswap Joins the N3 Early Adoption Program

Jason Tezanos and Mario Lopez developed Humswap. The two of them are excellent engineers at PayPal. It is also one of the winners of the Neo Frontier Launchpad Excellence Award. Humswap is known to create unique NFTs with potential benefits like yield multipliers, stackable yields, reduced swapping fees, and much more. The Humswap founders wondered if NFTs could be used as anything other than an NFT,  and if they could be integrated into a DeFi product. This led to the design of Humswap.

The New DEXs and NFTs Intersection

The two founders of Humswap have been looking forward to establishing NFT’s utility and purpose. The Anticipated DeFi Platform, built on the Neo N3 blockchain, will help achieve this purpose. Humswap can then offer liquidity pools providing various tokens. It also has the opportunity to be a marketplace for NFTs and token swapping. 

Gaming made fun and innovative

The founders have been looking for ways and means to make the platform more fun and interactive. They even wanted to include fun games, like a dart-throwing game, where users can be rewarded with NFTs instead of Stuffed animals.

Pita Toss is the first game on this platform. It makes users spend Gas to generate Pita NFT or Hummus NFT.  The NFT generated is random, with Pita having 99% chance and hummus NFT having 1% chance. Rare NFT helps unlock many offers and benefits on Humswap.

About the Future


The parties now look forward to integrating their strengths and ideas for better blockchain development. Humswap is eager to pioneer the future of NFT use cases working with Neo forecast, introducing new games, and making the interface more user-friendly.

Roxanne Williams

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