Huobi announces partnership with Gala Games

Huobi has taken to Twitter to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Gala Games with the core aim of developing its ecosystem. The primary goal of the strategic alliance is to collaborate on investment and project listing of high-quality projects. This could include community development, Layer1 integration, and co-branding.

Huobi functions in the financial services industry and promotes the image of being a gateway to Web3.

Gala Games is proud to offer a gaming platform where players can win cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens by completing the game’s objectives. Gala Games is a desired partner because of its unique feature that allows users to own games and in-game assets. Developers cannot alter them without the player’s consent.

In other words, players can go around collecting in-game assets, own them as if they were physical properties, and have enough control for developers not to make any modifications without their consent.

The partnership portfolio of Gala Games is unique as well. It features names from the entertainment and music industries, including NBCU, AMC, and DreamWorks, among many others.

In a statement, a Huobi executive said that the partnership will speed up the process of bringing out strong technology, strong support, and sophisticated infrastructure. It will further improve on-chain technology.

Jason Brink, the president of the blockchain at Gala Games, has stated that integration is essential for achieving the kind of mass adoption they seek. Jason is sure that the strategic cooperation with Huobi will give future developers the tools they need to create a more secure and stable Web3 future.

The strategic partnership with the Gala Games of Huobi came after Huibo announced that anyone can enter a contest with a total prize pool of 10,000 USDT and win a fair share of it. All they have to do is trade $POOLX and secure the highest spot trading volumes.

Registrations are counted automatically when participants navigate themselves to the event page.

The contest is pretty interesting, with the top three places being eligible for individual awards of at least 150 POOLX. The winner of the chart will receive 375 POOLX, followed by 250 POOLX and 150 POOLX for second and third place. Winners in the range of 4th to 10th position will have a share of 100 POOLX. The remaining winners who cannot make it to the top ten will be eligible to receive a share of 1,025 POOLX based on their respective trading volumes.

These rewards will be credited to players within 14 working days, after which winners can connect with the support team to check their status in case they do not receive their rewards.

A strategic alliance between Huobi and Gala Games is timely. Huobi intends to continue forming partnerships with different businesses to increase the list. KingdomX was the final participant in an AMA with a prize pool of $2,000 USDT.

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