Huobi announces to review the launch of Pi

Pi Network’s mainnet upgrade is underway, and Huobi has its eye on the development. The latter has announced that it will support the development, which will be followed by Huobi adding support to the list of Pi. This comes after positive recommendations from the community.

Huobi shared the news with its members through an official blog post that is available on its website. The announcement was made recently to confirm that Huobi will monitor the network’s mainnet launch updates.

One of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms, Huobi, lists missing out on the Pi Network’s development as its top regret at the moment. The network’s popularity is undeniable, and Huobi consequently intends to assist in its listing on the platform.

Pi is a cryptocurrency and a platform for developers. Its blockchain focuses on ensuring that financial transactions are safe using a mobile meritocracy system. Users can mine Pi coins using their mobile devices. The emphasis is on Web3 and providing the best experience to its users in that segment.

Developers can participate in the ecosystem by seamlessly architecting unlimited decentralized applications. Web3 adoption is the industry’s primary focus, with Pi aiming to be the development leader. It houses millions of users ready to get their hands on the newly launched dApps.

With over 375 cryptocurrencies listed on the site, Huobi, which was founded in 2013, is currently located in Seychelles. It is a cryptocurrency exchange with a Singaporean base that was first established in Hong Kong.

The Chinese government’s restriction compelled Huobi to relocate from Hong Kong. A minor effect on its activities began to be detrimental to the health of its consumers worldwide. Overall, the transition to a new location proved significantly more successful.

The Huobi Trading Bot backs trading activities on Huobi. Every Huobi review appreciates the bot for facilitating the flexibility of crypto bot trading among the users. Another factor that works well for Huobi is its easy user interface, which makes navigation and functionalities easy to manage.

The availability of charts and trading tools enables customers to execute their preferred trades. The addition of the Pi token to the list would be a nice one since it would provide consumers with another option for their virtual investment portfolios. All eyes are on the mainnet update, as the coin cannot go live unless its implementation is successful.


To provide an additional layer of security, users can set up 2-factor authentication with SMS and Authenticator applications. The responsive support staff immediately responds to and resolves customer difficulties. The KYC process, which may be time-consuming, is applied to registrations.

Currently, Huobi has just made announcements in order to monitor the future launch of Pi Network’s mainnet. We’re anticipating learning more information regarding the launch. Huobi will later update the listing on its progress.

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