Huobi partners with Ceritk to improve security infrastructure

HTX Global has announced the strategic partnership between Huobi and Certik. It has been stated that the association between the two parties will center around blockchain security and furthering the work of the ecosystem. Huobi will specifically leverage the security tool of Certik to protect the trading platform.

Certik’s Skynet Web3 Security Analysis will join the ecosystem of Huobi to ensure that a user’s assets are secure and their data is protected.

HTX Global has often teased itself as a gateway to Web3. It could eventually lead the industry, for the major concern of users while transitioning to Web3 is data protection. Moreover, HTX Global encourages its community to engage as much as possible. It is the same idea that facilitated the planting of the PrimeVote Quiz.

It was held on September 12, 2023, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Huobi. The tagline for the contest was Unite, Grow, and Prosper, mostly to convey the idea that it is only through association that they will grow in an industry that is likely to gain traction and competition in the future.

Participants of the PrimeVote Quiz were tasked with correctly answering questions. Winners have shared a portion of 1,000 USDT based on their ranking and number of correct answers.

Additionally, they were instructed to like and follow Hubi’s official X account. The contest chronology begins on September 8, 2023, and concludes on September 16, 2023. It was a single question posed to the community, asking them to predict the contest’s prize. The majority of users selected the fourth option, which stated that all three preceding options were accurate.

Certik carries the reputation of being an auditor for smart contracts. It also dwells upon the aspects of KYC, bug bounty, and on-chain monitoring, to mention a few. Certik has also partnered with OKLink to work on the Freeze Asset Request. It is represented by the acronym FAR.

The partnership aims to streamline incident reporting pathways and accelerate the freezing of assets that malicious actors have taken. Calling it a fund-freezing blueprint, Certik has assured that it will benefit the victims and exchange platforms. One reason is that it takes longer to communicate the issue with the platform, while the actual window to recover funds is way narrower than it should be. Meaning, the chances of making a recovery of funds diminish if the process to file a report and take action on it is longer than usual.

It signifies the commitment of Certik to serve the community, helping them have a secure experience. This sentiment has driven the current partnership with Huobi, considering the goal here is also to integrate its Skynet Web3 Security Analysis for users’ assets and data.

The community has responded positively to this development, with most of them congratulating Huobi and Certik on taking this professional initiative. Others have expressed their excitement about having more security.

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