Huobi Prime Lite and Huobi Token Now Available For Turkish Users

Crypto enthusiasts based in Turkey now have a reason to rejoice. As per the latest announcement by Huobi Global, HT (Huobi Token) and Huobi Prime Lite will be available for utilization by the Turkish users. The news was shared publicly by Huobi Global through its official Twitter handle on 8th May 2019.

Providing further details on this development, Huobi Global stated that all the Turkish nationals who hold the registration with its platform would now be able to trade HT seamlessly. Apart from that, Turkish users would also be able to participate in all the services related to HT, including Huobi Prime and Huobi Prime Lite.

To make things clearer, Huobi Global provided users with a list of HT trading pairs that they can start using going forward:

  • HT/BTC
  • HT/ETH
  • HT/LTC
  • HT/XRP
  • HT/EOS
  • HT/BCH
  • HT/MT
  • HT/ETC
  • HT/TOP
  • HT/NEW
  • HT/HPT

Huobi Prime Lite, launched on 9th May 2019, is an accelerated platform to launch emerging yet high-quality digital coins. It is regarded as a streamlined edition of Huobi Prime which is an inventive digital coin launching platform by Huobi Global. Based in Singapore, Huobi Global is a leading digital asset trading platform that is widely utilized across the world by the crypto community.

Prime Lite has listed ThunderCore’s native token TT (Thunder Token) as its first project. The minimum individual cap requirement for placing an order for the Thunder Token was set as 100 $HT for each user. In fact, in its single round of trading during the launch, Prime Lite successfully sold out as many as 33 million TTs to over 26,000 users, marking a great success.

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