Huobi unveils rebranded image with future roadmap

Huobi Global has published an announcement on the official website to let the community know that the business has changed its name to just “Huobi.” This is in line with the traditional Chinese value of righteousness.

The development comes after Huobi successfully acquired the operations of About Capital Buyout Fund. Huobi, in laying out the future roadmap, has asked the community to expect many more acquisitions in the future.

The new name of Huobi is a combination of two Chinese characters, one of which depicts perpetual reality and the other of which emphasizes the will to win in whatever circumstance. The rebranding is anticipated to position Huobi among the top three cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. Going by every Huobi review, it is accurate to assert that the company has the potential to rank among the top three platforms.

The rebranded image of Huobi brings out the brand’s philosophy of Science & Technology for good. This is indeed true, as both parts are meant to contribute equally to the development of global blockchain and virtual asset technology, thereby improving the lives of people across the globe. The primary goal is now to strengthen the brand through an effective business strategy that includes the exploration of high-quality projects through HT voting.

In addition, Huobi will concentrate on the development and support of cutting-edge assets with the greatest market potential.

Early-stage ventures look to be protected in an environment that is not only competitive but also filled with bad actors. Huobi commits to granting that protection, allowing them to focus purely on delivering innovation.

Huobi’s global expansion is inevitable, especially now that it has outlined a strategy that includes crossing boundaries and investing funds.

It will begin by developing a robust presence in the Caribbean, which is already a hub for virtual assets. The use of English in the legal system and in comparable contexts gives extra benefits to Huobi.

Investment plans are geared up for Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions that have now displayed strong potential in terms of the user base. Strategic mergers and acquisitions are sure to play a very important role. Huobi has assured that its operations will be active only if it gets a green signal for its practices from the relevant authorities.

Huobi is simultaneously looking to build a compliance model that meets the requirements of its global expansion. Factors will vary, and Huobi needs to remain flexible. Regulatory policies can add to the volatility; however, if it gets its grip over the regional factors, Huobi may reach the list pretty quickly.

Founded in 2013, Huobi is currently headquartered in Seychelles, with a native token operating its internal economics. Over 375 digital tokens are listed on the platform, along with 300+ trading pairs.

Following the announcement, Huobi looks to accelerate its expansion and investment plans.

Trevor Holman

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