Huobi Ventures Announces Collaboration with Zuki Moba

Zuki Moba is themed after a delightful snow shooting game, featuring easy playability and chibi visuals. You can play in either survivor or team mode. In addition, there are Bosses in the combat; destroy the Bosses to enhance the avatar and talents and win the game.

The gameplay is developed on the basis of traditional Japanese snowball game (Yukigassen), which is well-known throughout the game environment for its appealing characteristics of athletics, joy, competitiveness, and exciting fight online, and it has the potential to become a worldwide e-sport game.

On November 24, Zuki Moba was excited to announce its collaboration with Huobi, the investment arm of the Huobi Global bitcoin exchange. Huobi Ventures, headed by CFO of Huobi Lily Zhang, is an entirely-owned division of Huobi Company that focuses on Huobi overseas business. Huobi Ventures is categorized into 4 departments — strategic M&A, asset management, strategic investment, and global cooperation — already has successfully launched 3 funds addressing common areas — HECO, Blockchain, and NFT. Zuki Moba seeks to boost Huobi Worldwide’s future growth and to build a global community with its partnerships for collective gain. To know more about the crypto exchange Singapore, visit here.

About Zuki Moba

Zuki Moba is a MOBA E-sport Game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) designed with a community-oriented Decentralized Economy application. NFT is often used in gameplays to create characters, game goods, and Metaverse constructions. The Play to Earn method is used to offer economic rewards for Gamers, giving the game a distinct advantage over standard MOBA games.

About Huobi Ventures

Huobi Ventures, a completely owned subsidiary of Huobi Group, is committed to expanding its innovative investment strategy and assisting blockchain businesses via long-term investments. Huobi Ventures’ M&A section seeks to explore growth advantages across various blockchain sectors to enhance and expand Huobi’s product portfolio. Acquisitions will be included into Huobi’s expanding array of blockchain-enabled apps and services, allowing the company to enter a new market.

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