HyperCycle & Penguin Group merged for AI-driven growth in Paraguay

HyperCycle, a groundbreaking Layer 0++ blockchain infrastructure engineered for high-speed and cost-effective AI-driven microtransactions, has partnered with Penguin Group to release HyperPG: advanced software for accessing High-Performance Computing (HPC) for the fast-growing AI economy. The partnership will make the HyperPG platform available to individuals as well as organizations, who can leverage the platform to unlock the power of their hardware and harness its computational capacity to generate revenue, transforming traditional cost centers into profit generators.

HyperPG: Empowering Paraguay to harness hydropower for AI computation and catalyzing its inclusion in the global AI ecosystem

HyperPG is pioneering a transformative initiative in Paraguay, harnessing the country’s abundant hydropower resources to place it at the vanguard of the AI revolution. Through a unique distributed computation model, HyperPG enables Paraguay to utilize its hydropower infrastructure for AI computation. This innovation is set to significantly improve the country’s standing in the Private Public Partnership (PPP) model, fostering unprecedented economic development.

However, HyperPG’s vision for Paraguay transcends mere economic enhancement. The initiative ensures that Paraguay plays an instrumental role in the emerging “Internet of AI” – a global network of interconnected artificial neurons that forms a collective AI brain. This involvement ensures Paraguay’s active participation in global AI advancements and brings substantial socio-economic benefits to the country.

HyperPG’s role in promoting Public Private Partnerships has received recognition from global leaders, including Alexandre Ziad Hayek, the Global Head of the UN World Association of Public Private Partnerships (WAPPP). His recent visit to Paraguay, where he met with several ministers, including the Minister of Finance, further underscores the potential and importance of these collaborations.


In this endeavor, Paraguay is not just passively tapping into global computational resources but actively contributing to and benefiting from the development and application of AI technologies worldwide. As such, HyperPG is paving the way for Paraguay to take a central role in the global AI ecosystem, enriching its economy and society while contributing to global AI advancements.

Short documentary about the partnership: https://youtu.be/P9R5sQdaUPs

HyperPG: A one-stop-shop platform 

HyperPG, the latest implementation of HyperCycle’s HPC software, empowers users to convert their computing hardware into revenue-generating HPC centers. With the right hardware setup, users can leverage HyperPG to perform AI computation on their existing machines, providing organizations with AI capabilities without additional infrastructure.

In addition, HyperPG enables anyone to join specific pool proposals for hardware, tokens, and node licenses, participating with as little as $100 and contributing to the advancement of AI technology. In return, users will be entitled to a portion of all proceeds generated by the machines. This solution is ideal for anyone who lacks the necessary components to run HyperCycle’s AI computation on HPCs but still wishes to capture the upside from the AI revolution.

With over 217,000 nodes sold, HyperCycle’s scalable computing solution has already garnered substantial interest, laying the foundation for the Internet of AI and gearing up for its Beta release. The company began receiving significant purchase orders immediately after opening its store on October 22, 2022.

Toufi Saliba, CEO of HyperCycle

“While there are a lot of platforms enabling folks to harness their computing power and more platforms to enable AI computations, the one missing link is enabling the smallest components of AI to cooperate and compete amongst each other, and that’s precisely what HyperCycle provides,” says Toufi Saliba, CEO of HyperCycle.

He then added, “Securing AI forms the very foundation of our mission. Building on top of years of dedicated research and cumulative innovations from the vast landscape of computer science, we find ourselves at this pivotal moment of convergence. We’re thrilled to propel our vision forward, delving deeper into our partnerships with facility operators, particularly Penguin Group. Once our client, they are now our esteemed founding partner in the creation of HyperPG – a testament to our shared commitment and transformative vision.”

Björn Schmidtke, CEO

“Our dream is to make Paraguay an innovation hub in Latin America.” – Björn Schmidtke, CEO of Penguin Group.

HyperPG helps individuals, organizations, and enterprises capitalize on AI computing demand and benefit from building the necessary infrastructure. Available as software via HyperCycle’s partnership with Penguin Group, HyperPG brings High-Performance Computing to the masses, transforming everyday computers into AI-capable devices.

HyperCycle operates at the vanguard of the movement towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) which entails AI reaching a stage where it is capable of performing a broad range of intellectual tasks at the human level or higher. One of the ways to fast-track the arrival of AGI is by achieving AI interoperability. This entails enabling different artificial intelligence systems to work together, shortening the path to attaining true AGI. 

By establishing a network of connective nodes, HyperCycle supports the collaboration of AI modules, accelerating the emergence of more intelligent and self-evolving systems. Not only do these nodes support scalable AI microservices, but also they will play a pivotal role in conceiving and realizing new use cases for artificial intelligence.

About HyperCycle

HyperCycle creates the technology that enables any computer to partake in the global brain of AI computation securely. By combining peer-to-peer technology and collaborating with esteemed partners, including Toda and SingularityNET, HyperCycle supports scientific and technological progress in the field of AI.

HyperCycle allows anyone to monetize their computing power and participate in providing computations that serve other AI systems. HyperCycle and HyperPG are at the center of the SingularityNET Ecosystem, an ecosystem of companies united to work on benevolent decentralized AGI. All of the SingularityNET Ecosystem companies are lined up to run on HyperCycle.

Learn more: https://www.hypercycle.ai/ 

About Penguin Group
Co-founded by Björn Schmidtke and Niklas Leck, Penguin Group is a company with a mission: to transform Paraguay’s power into human potential. To that end, they’ve built HPC centers within a massive infrastructure that taps into Paraguay’s primary resource: clean, abundant electricity at competitive prices. 

Learn more: https://www.penguin.digital/

About HyperPG
HyperPG, a brand born from the synergy between HyperCycle and Penguin Group, blended their identities into one fruitful collaboration. HyperPG is a dedicated service that connects hardware providers with consumers in the AI computation economy. In partnership with Penguin Group, HyperPG enables individuals and organizations to transform their hardware into revenue-generating High-Performance Computing (HPC) centers.

It’s clear that AI is here to stay, and with it comes a substantial demand for computational power, energy, and resources. HyperPG was specifically designed to address these challenges. It will provide a platform that will optimize hardware use, and facilitate the provision of HyPC tokens and node licenses, key elements necessary for efficient AI computation within the HyperCycle ecosystem.

HyperPG’s solution will offer flexibility to switch between suppliers and pools. Moreover, it will enable the scaling of node operations without any hardware constraints.

Learn more: https://hyperpg.com 

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