HyperionX: Integrating Gamification and Economics to Develop Entrepreneurial Spirit

The invention of blockchain technology has opened up enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs. blockchain has virtually made the middle-man obsolete and non-interference by government, and regulatory agencies have made sure, that there are no costly compliances entrepreneur has to meet not to mention the hefty kickbacks, that are often paid under the table.

HyperionX and Gemunomics

HyperionX is further helping entrepreneurs, by offering innovative and economical blockchain solutions. One such novel ideas that the company is working on is the Peerion. The Peerion is a collaborative platform, helping the community to come together for developing innovative solutions while developing entrepreneurial traits and aspects. By applying the principles of gaming and economics, the Peerion platform creates “Gemunomics” where users interact, collaborate, and play to inculcate traits of entrepreneurship.

Gemunomics, which is also known as a gamified economic solution, use the blockchain technology to create a holistic ecosystem underpinned, by characteristics like decentralization, autonomy, and community consensus. In simple words, users become part of the online social community and interact, communicate, and collaborate to find a solution to a specific problem. This is done through the creation of a story and meaningful participation of all the community members, that lead to the solution of specific problem-solving. This process, in turn, helps people to develop creative thinking while enhancing their logical and analytical reasoning. In other words, people tend to learn entrepreneurial skills through this platform.

Concept of Peerionauts

This whole virtual experience immerses users through its story-telling and interactive practices. You as an inhabitant of Peerion will be designated as Peerionauts and work together with other inhabitants to find successful solutions to the given problem. You will be entrusted with the responsibility of saving the planet and you have to do it in collaboration with other inhabitants. This process will help you to kindle team spirit and creativity while working within the confines of the restrictions imposed by the challenges. The information about the original story of Peerion has been recently released by the company, and further communication in this regard will be released in due course of time.

The basic objective of the mission is to save the planet by settling Peerionauts and growing a network of trees on the planet. These trees represent activities of Peerionauts and in mission control; the concept of Decapod will be deployed. Just so you know, Decapod is a ten-pillar strong framework consisting of blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, Dapps, Gamification, crowdfunding, augmented reality/virtual reality, neural network, partner ambition loop, and proof-of-passion. These ten pillars underpin the Peerion and at their center lay the Gemunomic Solution. In sum, this unique experiment combines gaming experience and economics in an interactive environment to help develop entrepreneurial solutions for project-specific problems. The effort is really unique and one of its kind and should be applauded for its novel underpinnings.

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