Hypernative is on a Novel Mission to Providing Protection to the Flare Ecosystem

Hypernative’s ecosystem protection suite, an industry leader, will benefit business entities, dapps and users. Flare is extremely happy to declare the launching of Hypernative, a market tycoon in the web security arena. It will defend against cyber attacks, protocol vulnerabilities, dapp vulnerabilities, and evolving threats to internet users. The launching of Hypernative’s ecosystem protection suite happens at a time when cyber attacks are widespread.

Flare guarantees protection for all customers, decentralized applications, and business establishments in the Flare ecosystem by joining hands with an industry tycoon in the Web3 security sphere.

The Hypernative platform has conceptualized advanced tech designs to stay steps ahead of web3 exploits. It looks for vulnerabilities across web assets and web apps. As per the information available today, the Hypernative platform has detected over 270 exploits that would have cost business organizations a whopping $14 billion.

Some of the biggest web3 ecosystems in the industry are the clients of Hypernative, which totals $37 billion in estimated revenue.

Uniqueness of the Hypernative architecture helps them to stand apart in the rapidly changing web3 space. It monitors specific governance, financial industry, and security market activities. The Hypernative platform is designed to detect risks and attacks and it permits customers to act accordingly.

Latest reports indicate that the Hypernative platform has detected over 764 risks across 1443 protocols. Dangerous insights, alerts, and advised strategies to eliminate false positives are the focal areas of Hypernative as an ecosystem protection suite. The platform can be easily incorporated across almost all Web3 systems of today, and it is loaded with API data, alerts, and customization options.

Hypernative platforms are a must for Web3 institution groups with huge amounts of financial activity, such as DeFi(Decentralized Finance). Business organizations will benefit from the increased and proactive protection provided by Hypernative.

Flare has been designed with high transaction examples in mind, including decentralized finance applications. Extra layer of defence against possible vulnerabilities is the spectacular feature of Hypernative platform. High level of security offered by Hypernative platform ensures that institutions and community members can engage with decentralized applications on the network with complete confidence. Flare is renowned as a smart contract mechanism based on EVM optimized for data acquisition that is entirely decentralized. It offers developers a secure and cheap access to a wide variety of price data and state data for their dapps.

The smartest feature of Flare is that any Solidity-backed apps can be launched on the given network as an EVM-based platform. The new platform points to the importance of a novel security standard beyond conventional web threats.

Flare is noted for taking a global approach to security, and Hypernative has an excellent record of offering protection against some of the blockchain’s recently introduced platforms. The Hypernative will protect projects built on Flare from potential warnings in real-time. A platform like Hypernative can prevent possible damage created by sophisticated online attacks.

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