Hyperspace debuts on Avalanche, its first EVM chain

Avalanche has announced the EVM chain debut of Hyperspace, a multi-chain NFT marketplace. The mission is to offer an enhanced experience to users when it comes to non-fungible tokens. Hyperspace has chosen Avalanche for a variety of reasons. This includes power, speed, and eco-friendliness. Also, Hyperspace has identified the potential that the Avalanche Network brings to the partnership.

While the decentralized application has launched on Avalanche as an EVM debut, Hyperspace believes it has much more to introduce in the coming days. In other words, what consumers currently see may only be the tip of the iceberg. Hyperspace has stated that it will introduce novel features for NFT traders and collectors in the future.

Also, the UI or UX will see a lot of improvements based on how users leverage the current state of the platform.

It is safe to assume that the UX/UI will better understand what kind of experience they are expected to roll out. For instance, Hyperspace is planning to roll out bidding on NFT collection, wallet analytics, and analytics pertaining to collections. It will be further coupled with swapping digital assets across different chains, monitoring the activity, and reviewing the charts to grasp the situation in the NFT marketplace better.

Real-time NFT experience is an item that is on the agenda and is expected to be backed by everything that is in the pipeline. They could be exclusive to the members of the Avalanche ecosystem or spread across different chains that are hosting its activities.

A short-term roadmap includes an API that is simple to use. The goal here could be to ensure that the platform can onboard new and interested participants in the ecosystem. There is a tendency for users to exclude themselves when something is challenging to comprehend. Thereby making it difficult to operate.

Hyperspace will also excite the ecosystem by bringing along Dokyo, an Avalanche mint, under the umbrella of launchpad products. Hyperspace comes from having over 50 NFT mints on Sui and Solana. This includes ByteCity and 12 Days of Hypemas.

Kamil Mafoud, the co-founder of Hyperspace, has called this association a pivotal milestone, adding that they will now embrace their first EVM-compatible chain with a lot to come in the days ahead. Kamil has also said that they are thrilled to bring their product to Avalanche, allowing them to open new experiences for the NFT community.

Dominic Carbonaro, the Head of NFTs at Ava Labs, has responded to this statement by saying that they are excited to host Hyperspace and Dokyo to usher in a new era on Avalanche specifically for PFPs. Dominic has also stated that having Hyperspace will allow it to fill the critical infrastructure role so that it can grow and scale out the ecosystem.

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