IBM Blockchain Platform Optimized to be Deployed on Red Hat OpenShift

IBM announced the latest version of its Blockchain Platform software on September 24, 2019. The new version is optimized to be deployed on the Red Hat OpenShift, the Container Application Platform by Red Hat which is developed on Kubernetes and Docker. In the announcement, IBM said that this would further enhance developers’ ability to create blockchain networks anywhere.

Per the announcement, the company’s Blockchain Platform features the most comprehensive blockchain software, tools, sample codes, and services available, allowing the network participants to develop, operate, grow and govern blockchain networks. Moreover, the collaboration will offer more flexibility in selecting where to deploy the blockchain networks components, be it in public clouds, a hybrid cloud architecture or on-premises.

Throwing more lights, the company said that the latest offering along with Red Hat OpenShift, would deliver simplicity, reliability, as well as flexibility. Not only it will be possible to containerize peers, ordering services, smart contracts, and certificate authorities, but deploying them within preferred environments will be easier as well.

The amalgamation of OpenShift and IBM Blockchain Platform will offer mission-critical availability and performance in each phase of the blockchain development, production, and deployment, as stated in the announcement post. The new version is a perfect choice for entities that:

  • Wish to run workloads and maintain a ledger copy on their very own infrastructure for risk mitigation, compliance, or security reasons
  • Require data storage in particular locations in order to fulfill data residency needs
  • Require deployment of blockchain components in numerous hybrid cloud or cloud architectures for meeting consortium requirements

In addition to that, the Platform’s advanced tooling delivers additional value around Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source by The Linux Foundation. The artifacts generated by the Platform have 100% compatibility with the Hyperledger Fabric, providing total freedom on the network. It also facilitates interoperability with vendors offering services, solutions, and products based on the Hyperledger Fabric.

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