IBM Recently Registers a Patent for Blockchain-Based Web Browser for the Peer-to-Peer Framework

The latest patent application from IBM represents about a blockchain-based internet browser. Registered on sixth August by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, IBM’s patent is for an internet browser supported by a peer-to-peer framework.

IBM is as of now spearheading enterprise-level blockchain solutions, which includes blockchain as a service, supply chain management and a program called as Oracle which uses third party information to execute smart contracts. IBM states that tokens will confirm a clients browser session actions as they are encased into blocks for the Peer-to-Peer framework.

Moreover, the patent registered recently on August sixth explains that a browser refers to a system, wherein client information is transmitted to a global network of Nodes for storage and processing. Furthermore, the users would hold power over this information, contradictory to the present model in which this information is stored in the browsers databases. Types of possibly storable session data are bookmarks, what sites one visits, task execution, plug-in installation, security patches, and geo-location.

Regardless, the program gathers pre-determined data from web browsing sessions, as per the patent. The data is then moved to a system of peer-to-peer nodes for storage and collection. However, data collection relies upon the kind of browsing experience picked. As the organization expresses a blockchain-based browser as –

Affords a system for storing browsing information such that privacy is preserved and places privacy in the ‘hands of a user’ rather than a third party.

The report includes one potential use-case, among others, is an attack on a PC’s browser. Moreover, it is verified by blockchain technology, a suitable reinforcement of all client data can be accessible. Exceptionally, IBM incorporated a token in their model. IBM states that tokens will check a clients browser session activities as they are packaged into blocks for the P2P framework.

IBM, the tech giant, has significantly tripled the number of blockchain licenses verified in the United States since a year ago, at present displaying more than 100 dynamic patent families, which makes IBM’s development in the US licenses the biggest of a year ago.

Additionally, in terms of employment offers in the blockchain business, IBM has the edge. As per the recent research, IBM leads with 335 employment propositions until May 2019, trailed by Oracle and PwC. Amazon touches the rank seven with 57 sections. Just one organization ahead of IBM with the increase in the number of patents worldwide is the Chinese Amazon rival Alibaba. Altogether, the Chinese government affirmed 790 licenses a year ago, of which 262 are expected to Alibaba.

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