iCan’s metaverse journey: Revolutionizing Taiwan’s culture

In July 2022, iCan Entertainment, based in Taiwan, entered the Web3 space through its branch, iFA Capital, LTD., and its parent company. They wished to combine art, culture, and the newest technologies and launched into blockchain activities. They have their eyes set on designing special-edition NFTs and immersive metaverse experiences. Create your digital art with the AI art generator. By using their different web3 strategies, they are aiming to share Taiwanese culture across the world.

iCan has been the first pioneer in the gaming segment and picked The Sandbox as its playground for multiple creative projects. One of numerous such virtual replicas is their Raohe Night Market virtual recreation, which is one of the most vibrant markets in Taiwan. 

Through establishing this renowned spot in the metaverse, iCan successfully re-created and broadcasted, on a global scale, the vibrant park atmosphere, using The Sandbox’s interactive and multi-dimensional potential to present cultural aspects in a new, digital manner.

Jack Hung, the iFA producer team, presented their project at The Sandbox Creators Meetup in Taipei. The user-friendly interface of the Sandbox platform led to the selection of the platform, which does not require any coding skills. This flexibility syncs with iCan’s creative team, giving them greater freedom to execute their ideas while still having complete control over their projects.

Having recently unveiled “Voices of Taiwan” in The Sandbox, iCan has just been nominated in the Cannes Lions Awards under the Metaverse, New Realities, and Emerging Tech categories. This project lets iCan pioneer cultural immersion in the metaverse by introducing Taiwan’s diverse culture and language to a worldwide audience containing the Hokkien dialect and traditional puppetry.

On the one hand, iCan presents cultures and helps businesses move from traditional to digital platforms within the metaverse. They aim to eventually create a large audience for their experiences in the Sandbox by collaborating with other companies and hosting local events in Taiwan.

iCan Entertainment has been able to demonstrate to the world on the global stage the combination of culture, technology, and innovation with Taiwanese culture in its Web3 entry, The Sandbox. The iCan team is looking toward more improvements by incorporating resources from The Sandbox. The next step will be to create voxelized NFTs based on intellectual property and introduce the gaming company into new creative fields, e.g., movies or TV shows.

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