IDAX Gears up to Launch TRX Market in Collaboration with Tron Foundation

The world of digital currency or cryptocurrency is one of the most dynamic arenas which visualize advancements within the passage of a second.

Every day marks the onset of something new and surprising, which makes the financial heads crave for more from this profit giving space of cryptocurrencies.

The reputed IDAX crypto exchange took the market in amaze when it revealed that their platform would be facilitating TRX trading, which is a positive outcome of their collaboration with the Tron Foundation.

TRX, as people already know, is a lucrative cryptocurrency which operates on the TRON blockchain. TRON shines in the list of one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, and this very fact itself makes the partnership between IDAX and Tron a hot topic for the digital currency users.

IDAX crypto exchange will foster TRX transactions while keeping Bittorent Token (BTT) and WINk (WIN) as the base currency. Reportedly, the live trading of BTT/TRX and WIN/TRX will start from August 30.

In a Twitter post, IDAX shared the news of its partnership with Tron Foundation with the potential investors. The link to the article read:

“We’re pleased to announce that IDAX has formed the strategic partnership with Tron Foundation. IDAX will open TRX trading market and support Tron ecosystem on 30th August, 18:00 (UCT+8) with the 1st round listing of BTT/TRX and WIN/TRX trading pairs. WIN deposit & withdrawal and BTT withdrawal are now available on IDAX after that BTT deposit will be available on 30th August, 18:00 (UCT+8).”

WIN Airdrop Program to Induce Investors:

IDAX recently made news when it announced that it would support the trading of WIN coins from August 21st. WIN is the primary digital currency of the WINk network, which is based on TRON blockchain. WIN coins are transacted in numerous combinations namely: WIN/USD, WIN/BTC, WIN/ETH, and WIN/TRX.

In the announcement, it was also conveyed that TRX members will enjoy another benefit where WIN coins will be airdropped by the prestigious platform for its community. A whopping amount of 49,950,000,000 is reserved for the WIN airdrop program. However, this allocation amount is for 5 percent of the coin’s total supply value.

To relish the airdrop benefits, Tron account holders are expected to have a minimum of 100 TRX in their wallets.

The first phase of the WIN airdrop program began with 141,105 Tron accounts where the owners got the WIN coins. The company has aimed to continue the succeeding phases of the airdrop program on the 28th of every month till August 22, 2022.

Trevor Holman

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