IEOs: Does it have the Capability of Becoming a Standard Model for Raising Funds in the Crypto Space?

What is an IEO?

  • An Initial Exchange Offering as its name recommends is managed on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. In opposition to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), an IEO is operated by a crypto trade for the benefit of the startup that tries to raise assets with its recently issued tokens.
  • When the token deal is managed on the trade’s platform, the issuers of the token need to pay a listing charge additionally with a small percentage of the tokens sold through IEO. Consequently, the tokens of the crypto new companies are sold on the trade’s platforms, and their coins are listed after the IEO is completed.
  • The members of the IEO do not send donations to a smart contract, which administers an ICO. Instead, they need to make an account on the trade’s platform where the IEO is managed. The individuals who are contributing to fund their trade wallets with coins and utilize those assets to purchase the fundraising organization’s tokens.

What are the dissimilarities between ICOs and IEOs?

An IEO or the Initial Exchange Offering is the crowdfunding technique that empowers crypto projects to raise funds legitimately on trades. As compared to ICOs, it is a less-outstanding model, even though as of late it has turned into a catchword. With IEOs, digital money exchanges are a reliable intermediary who assumes a similar authority. They keep running due persistence and interact with the task.

IEO’s Growing Popularity:

The IEO’s (Initial Exchange Offering) is another way to deal with crypto-banking that is gradually getting the concern of ICOs and merchants over the world. This new framework gives another kind of trade where the exchange acts as intermediary among projects and contributors. Cash is sent to an account on the site and is made sure it is appropriately distributed. This two-way framework gives a sense of control to a procedure that is fundamental in various ways.

This new IEOs can offer the below:

  • Prominent security for clients
  • Contrasted with past methodologies, it has improved transparency
  • A fairer framework which can benefit the new users
  • A perception of being a reliable financial framework

Can we expect IEOs will create fundraising upswing?

  • Initial coin offerings created a huge fundraising upswing in the year in 2017 and 2018. Moreover, a small number of crypto ventures were handled by scammers. Along with these and ICO bans, we can say this is not a proficient fundraising model for cryptocurrency new companies.
  • IEOs give an expanded dimension of trust among cryptographic money ventures because the trades facilitating the crowdsale effectively take part in the fundraising process, which improves the proficiency of the crowdsale. Because of this, IEOs have the capability of turning into the standard model for bringing assets up in the crypto space.
  • The IEO has been getting the attention of dealers, venture groups, and trades after the underlying initial coin offering (ICO) trend has been pushed back.
  • As of now, significant exchanging platforms like OKEx, Binance, Bitrrex, Bitmax, Huobi, and KuCoin have managed their very own IEOs, and some of them have performed well after the issued tokens were listed on the trades.

IEO’s Constraints:

  • Currently, there is a different attitude towards the crypto industry by various nations, and most governments still cannot seem to outline a legal structure for regulating the crypto business. After the ICO bubble burst, a few countries have not yet taken a position toward the IEO. While China has firmly restricted the crypto activities, a few districts and nations, like the United Nations, Japan, and South Korea, require licenses for crypto-related firms to work.
  • Nations like Malta and Switzerland hold an open frame of mind towards cryptos. To secure financial specialists interests, it is essential for trades working on IEOs to gain necessary licenses and consent to the laws and guidelines of their source nations. South Korea has discharged a rule on IEOs, covering the insurance of financial specialist’s project of development planning, specialized materials, and compliance and security issues.

Future of IEO:

The Initial Exchange Offering is an entirely new experience. Moreover, there is no uncertainty that this will keep on developing with time. There will be a few miners who will stress over this feeling of “reasonableness” and the two-way framework. Others may emphasize that such a rigorous methodology removes users from the original beliefs of digital currency. Then again, this new methodology could get an entirely different group of clients. It may make digital forms of money and trades additionally engaging the more broad market. As time passes by, the IEO may change the profile of crypto-banking for the better.

Wrap Up

IEO’s (Initial Exchange Offering) may demonstrate a sparkle of interest in altcoin ventures in the middle of a market of crushed ICOs. However, the long term ramifications of their reality appear to be probably more distant. In an industry where ‘Don’t trust, confirm’ is a prominent distinguishing mark of center digital currency traders, the thought of reputational risk strutting as a definitive motivator for trades to legitimately vet ventures overlooks the main issue and appears to be dishonest as it is not illustrative of the overall incentive, benefit seeking of trades.

Roxanne Williams

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