iExec brings out the enhanced tool for Web3 marketing

iExec has introduced two new developers tools to help them undertake marketing campaigns without exploiting users and their data. The tools are iExec DataProtector and iExec Web3Mail. iExec has introduced these marketing tools to make sure that Web3 marketing does not follow in the footsteps of Web2 marketing.

Web2 marketing is known for utilizing the data of users without their consent and sharing the same with third-party. Or, platforms themselves gain access to such important pieces of information for their gain without handing over any profit share to users.

iExec helps developers and users to prioritize the privacy of users and consent control. Calling algorithms opaque, iExec has highlighted that Web2 marketing campaigns often disregard the rights of the users by collecting data against their will.

Making things worse is the implementation of a data monetization mechanism that never helps users in any form. A simple argument stands that users gain benefits through improvement in the services. This is true from the perspective of Web2 platforms, or even Web3 platforms for that matter. However, the words shared here are in concrete reference to allowing users to decide if they are in for something like this.

iExec DataProtector, as the name suggests, is a tool that allows users to decide if they truly want to grant access to their data to the platform. Personal information is still secured no matter which decentralized application comes forward to use that.

This is brought to the community by the combination of blockchain and Confidential Computing with end-to-end encryption. iExec DataProtector does not reveal the information to the platform. Yet, it can use that for its purposes.

iExec Web3Mail is specifically for the account holders of Ethereum. It makes it possible for platforms to not store/know email addresses and still use them. This can be understood by knowing that the email addresses will be used by dApps, but the developers of the dApps will never be able to see the information. Users will be on the beneficial side since they will have access to updates, notifications, and marketing.

This is the future of Web3 marketing, said iExec in the announcement. Truly so, the concern of users with every platform is them unauthentically gaining access to the information. Calling it a real-life game changer, iExec has expressed confidence in both tools by stating that it will enhance the engagement of Web3 users.

iExec ecosystem is expecting to see the impact on the trading value of its native token – RLC. The digital currency is currently exchanging hands at $1.36, a 1.58% increase in the last 7 days. Following the announcement, iExec RLC forecast estimates the value to go as high as $3.5 by the end of this year, that is, 2023. Since that is a far-fetched goal, the forecast has estimated the token to trade at least at $1.5 during the end of the same window.

Privacy-Enhanced Web3 Marketing is here to deal with the challenges that Web2 and Web3 marketing have so far posed. The innovative marketing tools will follow principles including, but not limited to, not exposing user data, incentivizing their participation, and tracking campaigns without sharing the data.

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