iExec introduces IDE for iExec Oracles

iExec has introduced an improved IDE for iExec Oracles. IDE is an acronym for Integrated Development Environment. While details are yet to be made public, it has been clarified by iExec that the objective behind launching an IDE would be to streamline the development process and enable developers to create dOracles. The process would be more intuitive and efficient, per the official announcement by iExec.

The announcement has sparked a lot of interest among the community members, especially when it comes to the token value of RLC. Many community members have said that the team continues to build projects for the blockchain sphere. Others have hailed the development by saying that it is in the true nature of decentralized Oracle that iExec has taken this step.

Notably, introducing the IDE for iExec Oracles has triggered optimistic sentiments for the ecosystem’s native token, RLC. The token has received a low-risk rating from risk assessments by experts. That puts RLC in the right spot for all investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios at the lowest risk. Needless to say, the crypto market is always subject to volatility, and the risk rating by experts can change at any moment.

For now, it has worked wonders for RLC. This is evident from the token trading at $2.04 while the article is being drafted. This reflects an increase of 1.865 in the last 24 hours. Additionally, it reflects a significant gain of 38.68% in the last 7 days and 19.39% in the last 30 days—all figures being true at the time of writing this article. The iExec RLC price forecast estimates that the token may end the current year at $2.6, assuming the risk rating does not take a sudden hit and developments like these keep happening throughout the year. Plus, the main drivers—dominating cryptocurrencies—should continue to pull the market.

The latter may not have a huge impact on RLC, considering BTC and ETH are down at the time, but that has not done anything negative to iExec’s native token. It is still recommended to everyone to do their research before investing funds in RLC, or any other digital currency for that matter. IDE is expected to mark a pivotal moment for Oracle services. This will become evident as more information about the Integrated Development Environment is made available to the public.

iExec has also shared that the community can look forward to several announcements in 2024. This entails development tools for the content industry, Privacy Pass, and an efficient dApp store interface. These have been teased as some of the first releases. Meaning, many more releases and their details will make it to the market, including some new dApps—decentralized applications.


iExec RLC has further shared that it will attend the World AI Cannes Festival and showcase different ways in which iExec and Web3 can bring transparency, confidentiality, and governance to the world of AI (artificial intelligence).

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