If only you’d invested $100 in Bitgert – Could you be counting your millions now?

The cryptocurrency market is on a bull run, and investors are turning in huge profits each day. New projects and heavy usage of blockchain technology are increasing investor trust as well. Bitgert is also among the names of the fastest-growing blockchains in the market. This L1 blockchain offers faster transaction fees and no gas cost. Bitgert’s token, BRISE coin, has been turning huge profits for investors in the recent past.

Let us take a look at, as an investor, why you should invest in Bitgert and what your investment might turn to.

Ecosystem offered by Bitgert 

Bitgert is a layer 1 blockchain that provides a base for the decentralized cryptocurrency network of its BRISE coin. Bitgert makes use of proof of authority consensus mechanism, which heavily relies on the identity, trust, and reputation within the blockchain network. Bitgert offers a wide range of decentralized products like NFT marketplace, Decentralized Exchange, Cryptocurrency network launchpads, bridges, and even metaverse apps and games.

Bitgert’s BRISE coin market analysis

Coming to the point that you would be most interested in, what will a $100 investment in Bitgert’s BRISE coin look like? Let’s go through the market performance indicators of Bitgert’s BRISE coin.

The weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI) of the coin, which suggests the overbought or oversold condition of a coin, stands at 62. It predicts a highly bullish behavior for the coin. The 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the coin shows a bullish sign again, as the average price has kept increasing over the last SMA cycles. Lastly, the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicates the trend change and momentum of the coin in the last 20 days. A CCI reading between 50 and 200 is considered good for the coin, and in the case of Bitgert’s BRISE coin, it stands at 166.82.

Bitgert offerings

Bitgert has attracted developers with its technical offerings. Bitgert has managed to provide this ecosystem with a transaction speed of more than 100k TPS. On top of that, the zero gas fees transactional foundation attracts developers to the blockchain network. Bitgert’s Startup Studio is one of the most promising programs in its ecosystem, and it will attract thousands of projects in the future. So, it is certainly established that the Bitgert ecosystem has a huge potential for attracting investments and gaining credibility in the market.


Looking at the offerings of Bitgert’s blockchain and BRISE’s market analysis, bullish behavior seems to continue in the future. Currently, the BRISE coin is trading at 0.000000315, and the coin aims to end this year at $0.001. This means that your $100 investment today will turn into more than $3.1M within a few months. Being a layer 1 blockchain network with such a large ecosystem, the Bitgert blockchain will not turn out of the decentralized finance market shortly. So, investing just $100 today might give you millions in returns in the next few years as the price of the BRISE coin keeps skyrocketing.

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