IKONIC NFT Seals a Partnership with Digicorp Labs

The metaverse provider Digicorp Labs comes together with IKONIC NFT. The partnership news was announced through a blog post from IKONIC. Through this partnership, the two firms are hoping to change the blockchain infrastructure for exports, one of the fast-growing entertainment fields within and outside the blockchain industry. Digicorp will help IKONIC integrate esports with other thriving concepts like the metaverse.

Demand for exports has grown phenomenally in the last decade. Countries like South Korea have built separate establishments to nurture esports in the country. As blockchain gaming grew in popularity, it also welcomed esports into the arena. Many dedicated projects are currently operating in the crypto space to facilitate sports. IKONIC NFT is probably the most popular crypto project among them. Not only that, but it is also the first NFT marketplace ever created for sports on any blockchain. The project brings the necessary tools and features to help the players promote and monetize their content as NFTs.

IKONIC intends to bring sports on blockchain to the next level by integrating Digicorp Labs. The latter is a metaverse provider that aims to put consumers and sellers in control of their products and creations on the blockchain. The innovative solutions offered by this firm expect to “unlock the real-world application of decentralized technology, eliminate security threats, and create innovative digital experiences for all.” As the visions of the two firms for the future align, IKONIC hopes it will open up several features of blockchain while also strengthening the security of its NFT marketplace.

The NFT marketplace of IKONIC already offers several features like video editing to boost content creation on the platform. The platform wants to help players preserve their moments in exports. With metaverse access from Digicorp, these features could be taken to the next level and offer much more freedom for content creation than before. This strategic partnership will help IKONIC NFT access next-generation technology and keep up with the pace of blockchain growth. Esports is easily one of the largest entertainment industries in the world so far, and exposing it to the emerging areas of the blockchain like metaverse would open up new avenues and opportunities. 

CEO Sebastian Ionut Diaconu from IKONIC believes that the partnership with Digicorp will secure the future of the NFT marketplace and exports on the blockchain. IKONIC is glad to seal this partnership as the metaverse holds great potential for the future. On the other hand, Digicorp Labs CEO Jozua van der Deijl is equally happy to help create a secure environment for the esports NFT marketplace of IKONIC. Given the scope of GameFi and the play-to-earn model, esports is likely to have an incredible run in the metaverse.

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