Illuvium and GameStopNFT announce Promo D1SKs Sale

Illuvium has announced that the Promo D1SKs Sale is now live. Joining hands with the venture is GameStopNFT, intending to bring the world of gaming and digital collectibles together. Interested participants stand a chance to take home Illuvitars worth $50 in ETH. Layer 2 IMX will host transactions. Hence, users are recommended to load their deposits into the network beforehand.

Illuvitars are pre-bonded collectibles possessing unique qualities in terms of finishes, characteristics, and backgrounds. The promo sale also allows one to claim rewards based on one’s position on the leaderboard. All they have to do is rank a little higher on the charts, and decent rewards will come their way.

Six different Illuvitars will belong to different categories, namely Tier 0, Tier 1, and so on until Tier 5. Expressions are divided into Common, Uncommon, and Rare with a maximum of two finishes: Holo and Coloured. Promo D2SKs are tradable containers that enable the purchase of pre-bonded GameStop Illuvitars.

Different attributes determine characteristics of the Promo D1SKs Sale:

  • Stage
  • Tier
  • Background Tier
  • Expression
  • Background stage of Illuvitar

A total of 20,000 D1SKs are available.

Currently in the Beta stage, Illuvium is backed by Ethereum and ImmutableX blockchain to roll out rewards in Illuvium ILV and Illuvium sILV2. Players can engage in either the paid segment of the game or the one that comes without any cost.

Illuvium comes with the mission of capturing mysterious creatures called Illuvial and making them a part of their collection of digital assets. Alternatively, players can engage in some severe battles by finding the weaknesses of their opponents. Thereby making the gameplay interesting while also connecting different players for an immersive experience.

The open-world RPG is a play-to-earn gaming mechanism that has been constructed on the Ethereum network to ensure that decentralization, autonomy, and security will ultimately prevail in the ecosystem.

Illuvials are just one part of the virtual world. Progressing in the game introduces many more interesting aspects of the world. This means meeting five different classes—Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Empath, and Psion—and surviving using a combination of nature, air, water, fire, and earth.

That sounds much like the real world, probably because the attempt is to make everyone feel right at home despite being in the digital arena of the RPG title. A detailed insight into it can be read in our Illuvium guide, which also talks about different game items. The existence of distinct regions with their own tastes and atmospheres enhances the overall experience. 

The Promo D1SKs Sale is now live, with a chance to enhance the collection. Anyone of the 20k Illuvitars can be purchased for $50 worth of ETH.

The community has expressed its excitement over the event, with most of them even having reached the concluding stage already. A few users are experiencing issues with Metamask Wallet, but those should be resolved at the earliest.

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