Illuvium Beta 3 to bring PvP after going live on the Epic Game Store

Illuvium recently announced going live on the Epic Games Store. The announcement was delivered on the official X/Twitter account of Illuvium.

The game has also informed Rangers that Illuvium Beta 3 will be going live on November 28. What interests the users most is that the beta will come with PvP functionalities. Although users cannot download Illuvium on the Epic Store yet, they can wishlist it and wait for the seamless Arena PvP experience.

With over 180 million users, Epic Store is one of the most renowned gaming platforms on the circuit. Since Illuvium is offering early access with auto-updating gameplay over the Epic Store, its beta is expected to be a massive hit.

Even better, the announcement alone has sparked players’ interest in Illuvium. Many new users looked for an Illuvium guide after the announcement, trying to understand how the game worked.

Epic Games Store will let players access games like Illuvium Zero, Illuvium Arena, and even Overworld. Designed with the latest technology, the games can win gamers across the world. Illuvium also uses Immutable X to facilitate a seamless gaming experience with zero transaction fees.

Moreover, it integrates Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities to establish a visually stunning environment and smooth gameplay. As for the PvP, Illuvium had initially planned it for Q3. However, the test beta was pushed to Q4, while the public beta was postponed to 2024 Q1.

Despite the delays, fans have been eagerly waiting for this announcement. Given Illuvium’s reputation for delivering the most polished gameplay, these delays have not bothered most players.

Having joined hands with the Epic Games Store, Illuvium is setting the stage to expand its player base. Given the growing popularity of blockchain games, Illuvium is a good start since the game does not mandate wallets or NFTs.

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