Illuvium celebrates the New year 2023 with its new 3rd blockchain game

Illuvium happens to be an extremely dependable and absolute upmarket blockchain gaming studio based in Australia. For the year 2023, it has successfully delivered the online game Zero from its stable. Incidentally, this happens to the third version from their side. The earlier versions of the game over the past have proved themselves to be extremely popular and have been much sought after. 

The previous two versions of the games delivered by Illuvium happened to have been Monster battler Illuvium: Arena and open world Illuvium: Overworld, with Zero, now being the third one in the fray. Though Overworld was duly delivered sometime in the month of December, apparently, they still happen to be in the beta testing process. This happens to be the reason why the company has held back from going all out, which it intends to do halfway through the year 2023. At the present moment, there are only about 6,500 holders of Illuvium land NFTs existing on mobile and PC who can connect with all three versions of the game.  

On its part, Zero happens to be a building game in which all of the connected players will find themselves in the position of developing and controlling their digital industrial complex. As per one of its many features, the holders of land NFT will find themselves able to make earnings based on their NFTs with the extraction of fuel, thereby selling it on the game’s marketplace. The game has been created with the proper utilization of Unreal Engine 5 on ImmutableX’s blockchain. It happens to be the aim and intention of Illuvium to create a product that will give non-blockchain games a run for their money. 

However, there is always a struggle with mainstream games. The NFT games often have to stay behind the traditional AAA Games. This is because users usually like to play games that are easy. Players tend to stay away from the Web3 games because of the complicated onboarding methods and dislike crypto and others.

Furthermore, the AAA mainstream games attract millions of players in comparison to the popular blockchain games. However, it is for this reason that the Web3 gaming world has to be developed so that the players are attracted and they can get all the improved and upgraded features.

It happens to be a known and accepted factor that Web3 games that are concerned are still trying desperately to attain the heights that the mainstream gaming titles have reached in the present scenario. There happen to be innumerable cases wherein some of the absolute top-of-the-line games have successfully managed to rope in millions of players over just a single day. 


On the other hand, even considering the most sought-after blockchain games have not been able to achieve anywhere close to that figure. This is also attributed to the fact that there seems to be an overall lack of attraction where the content of the games is concerned. There are also inherent adverse reactions to crypto, along with troublesome onboarding procedures. There is also the factor that Web3 has incorporated financial products in their games, like earning yield and cash-out tokens.  

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