Illuvium partners with Team Liquid for Web3 projects

Illuvium recently announced a partnership with esports giant Team Liquid. The collaboration will see the parties undertaking several Web3 gaming projects.

For starters, Illuvitars will now be decked out in Team Liquid’s style. Illuvium is currently working on its Promo D1SK Sale that will cater to new and existing collectors.

That is not all, as Team Liquid will also deploy its elite streamers in Illuvium’s Ascendant PvP mode. The showdown will feature iconic gamers like SaintVicious, Midbeast, and Rakin. Illuvium has already created a calendar highlighting the upcoming streams with Team Liquid.

The latest post by Illuvium also announced an upcoming tournament both parties will host. With a massive 100,000-dollar prize pool, the event will spark the competitive spirits of gamers globally.

Given the popularity of Team Liquid in the esports circle, the partnership has brought massive traction to Illuvium. The sports organization has been in the gaming domain since 2000.

The organization has amassed over 47 million dollars in winnings with a global fan base. In addition, the organization boasts 120 pros across the majority of the prominent games. Given the buzz surrounding Team Liquid, many fans looked for an Illuvium guide to learn more about the game. 

The partnership is huge news for Illuvium, as it opens the door for innovation and excellence. Their shared expertise and passion are sure to push boundaries, redefining gaming together.

As for Team Liquid, the organization shared work ethics and a mantra with Illuvium. Both parties are constantly engaging and empowering their fan bases. Illuvium’s strategic exploration and the thrill of owning in-game assets resonate with Team Liquid and its fan base.


The partnership will also boost the Web3 gaming scene in mainstream esports. Their shared achievements will translate to the real world, where gamers will be able to add value.

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