Illuvium releases Zero Alpha Season 1 as an exclusive club

Calling it a closed Alpha, Illuvium has stated that it plans on maintaining Zero Alpha Season 1 launch, an exclusive club for select members. The release was much awaited by the community that now gains access to a virtual world that has been defined by Illuvium as a monumental milestone. It has alternatively been referred to as its journey to Open Beta.

Zero Alpha Season 1 comes to light with the official launch of Alpha v.0.2.0. It brings major advantages for players, enabling them to mint blueprints and retain digital assets even after the blueprints have been whipped away in the future. Overall, players will have the functionality to develop their Scan, Land, and Research in-game assets along with preparing for the future mint.

Details about the blueprint being whipped away are unknown. Illuvium is expected to share the same before Open Beta goes live in the market. Players can qualify for Zero Alpha Season 1 by owning at least one land. The digital piece of land is available at Illuvidex, where current owners are willing to sell one of their lands for a price. Illuvidex is the marketplace of Illuvium which will also host a Land Sale Event. Moving forward, players can expect Illuvium to put up free-to-play land plots for sale. They are currently unavailable for the alpha testing phase.

The process of owning or purchasing land can be reviewed in our comprehensive Illuvium guide, which furthermore talks about the mechanism of the game in detail. Zero Alpha Season 1 is an exclusive club solely available to players who own land. The community has taken the development in a positive manner. Some of them have said that it was time to hint at blueprints, while others have decided to explore the territory as a new players.

It is important to know that blueprints are basically collectible plans which can be minted across 5 Illuvials. Players can mint a total of 15 blueprints, that is 3 for every Illuvial.

The announcement follows Illuvium sharing details for Zero Alpha 0.2.0 patch notes. It has resolved several issues like plot interaction, goal skipping, time desync, and level reset.

Plot interaction makes sure that players have a smoother navigation experience when they leave a plot. This has been achieved by accelerating the plot loading function. Goal skipping allows players to skip a few steps provided they have not acknowledged previous sequence goals. Level reset brings players back to Level 100 after they have reached Level 2900.

Time Desync requires players to make some effort to bring their gameplay back on track. In a situation where their time is incorrect, players must exit the game, reset the time, and launch the game again. This is crucial because time desync can have players stuck at the loading page. Players who own the digital land can head to Zero Alpha Season 1, mint blueprints, and secure digital assets to their names.

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