Illuvium shares the roadmap ahead of Q3

Illuvium has completed the second quarter of the year and is moving on to the third quarter. The venture has taken the opportunity to brief its community about what has been achieved in Q2 and what they are planning to achieve in Q3. For starters, Illuvium has made it clear that all goals that were set for the second quarter have been duly met by them.

This includes opening up an Illuvium store, hosting Zero – Season One, and introducing Illuvium Overworld PB2. Players recorded their best-ever experience at all stages. For instance, Illuvium Zero Season One gave them an opportunity to fully immerse themselves and collect land plus blueprints. The next installment is expected to go live in the last quarter of the year.

The Illuvium Store is now live. It recorded a warm welcome by the community at the time it was opened. The Illuvium Store features everyone’s favorite gaming gear and other relevant items. Players can enter the store, leverage their digital holdings, and buy their favorite feature for the avatar.

Discover the thrilling world of Illuvium with the new Overworld Private Beta 2. Explore new regions, battle exciting Illuvials, and collect unimaginable materials. Choose from 25+ unique Illuvials and experience breathtaking graphics. Check out the Illuvium guide for an epic gameplay journey!

The third quarter has basically started, and the team is looking forward to achieving all its goals. Assuming they do succeed in their endeavor, then this would be the result of their testament to delivering an enhanced experience to the community of gamers. Tasks on the roadmap for 2023-Q3, as laid out by Illuvium, are as follows:-

  • Illuvium Overworld & Arena – PB3
  • Illuvium Beyond – Wave 2

Illuvium is confident of maintaining the momentum. It has hired new talent in the team to give a boost which could probably see the team achieving more than it has planned to achieve.

The fourth quarter for Illuvium will have a larger number of tasks for the team. This includes:-

  • Illuvium Overworld – PB4
  • Illuvium Zero – PB1
  • Illuvium Arena – PB4
  • Illuvium Public Beta Launch

The update regarding the roadmap of Illuvium follows the community passing the ICCP-12 proposal. It brings a lot of updates, including incredible improvements and the commitment to Governance v2. Improvements include Enhanced Sale Mechanics, Alpha Sale, Mega D1SK Power Threshold, In-Game unlocks, revised pricing, and monthly raffles, among others.

There are more milestones for Illuvium waiting to happen in the next year. A lot of details are currently unavailable, but it has been roughly said that Illuvium Arena Mobile may go live in the 4th quarter of 2024. Staking v3 is being lined up for the third quarter of the next year.

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