Imaguru Startup Hub celebrates its 4TH Blockchainthon Edition in Madrid on 26th, 27th and 28th April 2019

Blockchainthon is a hackathon dedicated to the development of solutions in the blockchain. At this event, we gather diverse professionals (developers, designers, business gurus, marketing, etc.) and… magic happens. People who have ideas (and do not know how to start working) meet developers (who are looking for a product to create) in order to do something new and breakthrough.

Our hackathons are dedicated to the blockchain. Today there is a lot of talk about blockchain or distributed registration technology, but we do not want to talk: we want to create projects and make the real use of blockchain in our daily lives.


Blockchain is being implemented in various business sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, energy… so there is room for all kinds of professionals who can contribute to their experience.

Our hackathons are international. We have the experience of having organized more than 60 hackathons in 5 years (in Minsk, London, Seoul, etc.). In April 2019, we will work with participants and developers from Belarus, Minsk – a city that has a large community of blockchain enthusiasts. One of the success stories that came out of the hackathon of Imaguru is MSQRD, acquired by Facebook in 2015. We hope the next one is yours!

We would also like to share another great thing with you: Imaguru introduces “BLOCKCHAIN MOVEMENT” to you, the bridge from technology to reality. Imaguru provides solutions to companies training their teams, giving them training or offering services of technological outsourcing. This hackathon is a part of the Blockchain Movement and is an outsourcing event where companies can find professionals to develop their challenges.

To ensure professionalism and high level in the blockchain, prior to the hackathon Imaguru organizes a workshop for the participants. The workshop of 2 hours will be dedicated to Ethereum and the second to Hyperledger, more specifically hyperledger fabric.

After the hackathon, we offer our Imaguru Startup Residence Program for those teams who are interested in further development of their project.

Who are our mentors? Those that have much to tell about blockchain from the point of view of business (like BBVA or Minsait) and startups (like 2gether). In addition, at Imaguru we have a large team of developers who bring their technological expertise and help participants with the hardest part – the code.

The Blockchainthon lasts 48 hours, from Friday afternoon to Sunday night, and it works like this:

Day 1: We Start with the opening ceremony and give way to the pitches. Participants with ideas have 30 seconds to present them. Just after the teams are formed, the developers approach people with the ideas they like and get to work.

Day 2: Teams continue to work. Workshops and tutorial Sessions Are held with our mentors and developers from Minsk to help participants.

Day 3: Prepare for the final pitching, prototypes are presented and the awards ceremony is made.

Blockchainthon Imaguru

You have three reasons to join our Blockchainthon:

  • First: To make history with your project and you will find companies interested in your professionalism.
  • Second: Training in blockchain, be able to meet great professionals of this technology and networking.
  • Third:… We keep it to announce it in the hackathon!

If you are a company, the hackathon will have a very important value as open innovation through training of the teams for you and outsourcing.

Do you still have doubts? Take a look at our blog, videos and read the references of the hackathon of blockchain we had in Madrid in October 2018 and… you will have it much more clear!

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Vishal Parmar

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