IMF pressurizes Pakistan to levy taxes on crypto investments

With the aim of normalizing Pakistan’s troubled economy and receiving financial support of $3 billion from the International Monetary Fund, they are pressurizing the country to levy appropriate taxation on crypto investments and real estate deals.

During interactions between the IMF and the Pakistani authorities regarding the $3 billion financial assistance, the IMF insisted that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) restructure its taxation policy and bring cryptocurrencies under the gamut. It has also asked for a relook at the tax brackets related to real estate and registered securities to ascertain all earnings have a tax levied on them.

Given the suggested solutions, it may be necessary for players in the real estate space to keep track of and divulge every shifting of interest pertaining to the completion and handing over of the concerned property deeds. If a real estate business fails to adhere to the fresh set of rules, penalties will automatically be levied for unpaid taxes. This initiative will help control activities related to real estate.

In the case of Pakistan accepting these facts, the IMF will be distributing almost $1.1 billion as the last segment of the financial aid that was harnessed by Pakistan in the previous year, saving the country from a debt-overdue situation.

David Cox

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