Immutable and MARBLEX forge Web3 gaming hub in South Korea!

Immutable, a blockchain technology company, has recently announced a new partnership with MARBLEX, a prominent game platform operated by Netmarble. The idea behind this partnership is to create the foundation for Web3 gaming in South Korea. Both companies are making substantial progress towards integrating blockchain technology with the existing video game market.

Under this partnership, MARBLEX will onboard its primary dApps, games, and game tokens to the newly created Immutable zkEVM on Polygon. This strategic decision is to take advantage of  Immutable’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) features to offer a better gaming experience with scalability improvement, better security, and ease of access.

MARBLEX will undergo a major development shift as three of its most popular games, including Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, A3 Still Alive, and Meta World My City, join the Immutable platform. These games are just the first step in a vast integration process that will help transfer MARBLEX’s current and future game library to the zkEVM on Immutable.

In the future, the collaboration will also initiate the Ecosystem Boost Program in the next phase. The project, which has received funding of $20 million USD, aims to introduce new games to the Immutable and MARBLEX platforms and promote the development of future games. The primary goal is to provide grants to support Web3 gaming opportunities and advancement. This will make it easier for game creators to potentially be part of these ecosystems, thus contributing to the video game industry’s diversification.

The CEO of MARBLEX, Hong Jin Pyo, has expressed enthusiasm about engaging with another key stakeholder in the web3 gaming sector. He said that this collaboration makes sense because Immutable is known to be at the forefront of this industry, especially because of its zkEVM chain. It also gives them the perfect ground on which to provide their players with the best gaming experiences. This statement shows that MARBLEX and Immutable aim to build exceptional games through blockchain technology.

This is not merely a technical partnership; it is also a strategic partnership and evolution that will position South Korea at the forefront of the continuously evolving web3 gaming space. MARBLEX has acquired a broad understanding of the gaming industry, while Immutable possesses contemporary blockchains that will redefine gaming after the two companies merge. This suggests that the stability and effectiveness of blockchain systems will provide players with an endless array of play opportunities.


The recent advance has created a lot of excitement, especially in the gaming and blockchain sectors. People now view it as a step towards integrating the two sectors for improved gaming services. As this cooperation grows, there is excitement about its influence on other fields and whether it will set a precedent for future relationships between gaming and blockchain.

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