Immutable Passport improves Web3 gaming experience

Immutable Passport has gained the tag of a new gamer profile in the world of Web3. It is now integrated with playable games and marketplaces, enabling gamers to access everything with just a single profile. Making it stronger is the fact that gamers can use Immutable Passport to store their identification and assets.

Simply put, sign up for the Immutable Passport, gain the ability to store everything they have in the virtual world, and have seamless access to Web3 gaming and marketplaces.

Immutable has also announced a special promotion that is linked to Gods Unchained. Gamers who sign in to the title using their virtual passport automatically become eligible for an in-game cosmetic airdrop. It has been cited that the airdrop will be free, and the distribution will happen in January. That is the time when more goodies are expected to be distributed to gamers.

Immutable is confident that the world of gaming will now become easier, adding that the Immutable Passport will also allow them to save their achievements.

The community has responded positively to the development, including Citizen Conflict, which has expressed its gratitude for being a part of the IMX family. Others, including Polygon Labs, have said that they are excited to experience the one-stop-shop solution for Web3 games.

Having said that, players must have a Passport if they want to continue having the experience of Web3 gaming. Immutable is always looking for new ways to help the community. The most recent one is about making a comeback on Epic Games. Immutable verified the report, noting that they had adopted a proactive approach to lobbying for equitable policies. Only because of that action has Gods Unchained been relisted on Epic Games.

Moving forward, Immutable has expressed its commitment to abide by the policies of a platform where its titles are listed. The objective is to unlock the next player experience for more than 3 billion users spread across the world. Immutable will continue collaborating with leaders from different industry sectors—tech, Web3, and gaming.

The development comes days after Immutable announced its 3-way partnership with Horizen Labs Ventures and MetalCore. The idea behind the partnership is to bring the Web3 gaming experience of MetalCore to millions of players with no geographical restrictions.

Immutable has been associated with hosting the Web3 experience for players across the globe. It houses over 200 highly funded titles, most of them under development, with full-on access to its ecosystem. Immutable offers them an environment to develop the best games.

Circling back to Immutable Passport, it is as good as it sounds. The Passport gives players access to the Web3 gaming experience along with the ability to store their assets and achievements. The one to shine the most is the extended access to some of the best titles in the upcoming segment, Web3.

Trevor Holman

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