Impossible Finance introduces Ronin Launchpad

Impossible Finance has announced that it is powering Ronin Launchpad to boost Blockchain gaming and NFTs. Their association has been defined as a strategic partnership wherein Impossible Finance brings to the table a set of offerings like launchpad expertise, research, business development, and infrastructure support.

The idea is to support innovations and explore opportunities within the non-fungible tokens and gaming landscape. Calvin Chu has acknowledged that Ronin brings with it the potential to enhance the future of gaming.

The Core Builder at Impossible Finance has stated that Ronin is helping to build a future ecosystem for upcoming projects, community, and users. The partnership, per Calvin, aligns with their mission of merging the scale of users that gaming can address. Moreover, the partnership between Impossible Finance and Ronin will look to expand Ronin’s capabilities while catalyzing the emergence of fun and innovative games.

Impossible Finance has selected Ronin primarily due to the fact that its developers have optimized it for gaming. More than $4 billion in NFT volumes have been processed on this secure and extremely scalable platform.

Other reasons to choose Ronin are that:-

  • It has been battle-tested
  • It has been optimized for scalability
  • It has been crafted for security with a thorough review

Ronin also carries the tag of being the largest ecosystem for Blockchain games, credited to the growth of Pixels. Impossible Finance has said that the current status of Ronin is a testament to the capabilities of Sky Mavis in building a community, developing a product, and sticking to go-to-market strategies.

The announcement has caused a surge in the RON token’s value. It was last seen exchanging hands at $1.74, with a rise of 21.83% in the last 24 hours. It further reflects an increase of 65.18% and 182.30% in the last 7 days and 30 days, respectively.

Ronin being battle-tested is evident from the fact that the network reportedly processed 15% of the overall trading volume in the NFT market in 2021. Ronin offers an unparalleled gaming experience by supporting the development of high-quality applications and maximum uptime for games.

The security of Ronin comes to light after all the codes go through a thorough check, wherein experts make sure to effectively audit the architecture before certifying the mechanism to be of robust security.


It was, however, only after March 2022 that Ronin worked better on its security. That is the time when the Ronin Validator Breach caused the drain of significant assets. Impossible Finance acknowledged this aspect in the official announcement while clarifying that it was not because of a technical glitch but rather a socially engineered attack by a group of malicious actors—hackers.

Ronin Launchpad now appears in the market under the strategic partnership between Ronin and Impossible Finance. Sky Mavis is confident that the move will advance NFT and Blockchain gaming.

Scott Cook

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