Green tech vs meme power: Immutable X (IMX) battles Bonk (BONK) as WW3 Shiba meme coin, makes waves – Who will reign supreme

The young crypto industry is witnessing an epic battle between various sectors: green tech and meme power. Immutable (IMX), an innovative layer-2 blockchain solution for NFTs on Ethereum, is going against Bonk (BONK) and WW3 Shiba (WW3S), a new Ethereum-based meme coin blending SocialFi and GameFi. 

Immutable X has made inroads in the crypto industry due to its cutting-edge technology that boasts high scalability and low gas fees. Bonk, a Solana-based meme coin, became viral after airdropping tokens to Solana (SOL) holders. WW3 Shiba is gaining momentum due to its low presale price of $0.001 per WW3S, its native token.

Immutable X rises amid relief bounce

Immutable X investors have welcomed a relief bounce that saw the altcoin gain 4% in the past 24 hours to trade at $1.55 (at the time of writing). This comes after a massive dump that saw IMX, the native token of Immutable X, lose 39% in the past month. The yearly chart for Immutable looks impressive, with a remarkable gain of 108%.

This recent IMX price action has left investors wondering if Immutable X is a good crypto investment. Immutbable’s innovative use of zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups allows it to process up to 9,000 transactions per second with low gas fees. This has left analysts forecasting that Immutable X will bounce back in Q4, with bearish Immutable price predictions projecting new lows.

BONK jumps 16% in a day

BONK’s investors are enjoying a relief rally after the first dog-themed meme coin on Solana jumped 16% in the past 24 hours, taking its market cap to $1.53 billion. This is a welcome development for BONK investors, who are still 35% down in the past month.

Bonk, like the majority of meme coins, has enjoyed growth due to meme culture and community support. The Solana-meme coin is one of the biggest crypto gainers in the past year, surging 5,779%. This rally has left investors trimming their PEPE holdings in favor of new Ethereum-based meme coins such as WW3 Shiba.

bonk jumps 16 percent in a day

WW3 Shiba makes presale waves, projected to soar 580%

Starting with a low price of $0.001 during its presale, WW3 Shiba is tipped to surge 580% during the initial coin offering. This makes WW3S, the native token of WW3 Shiba’s ecosystem, the best new meme coin to buy now. WW3 Shiba will develop and launch a play-to-earn (P2E) platform, giving it a chance to compete with big names in the $175 billion gaming industry. 

Apart from blockchain gaming, where users will battle for rewards such as digital tokens, WW3 Shiba will have real-world applications that include donating to charities. At the investor level, WW3 Shiba’s presale buyers are lured by the prospect of earning passive income through staking.

Analysts claim that WW3 Shiba is the best new coin to invest in. This has been backed by the growing number of whales and retail investors joining WW3 Shiba’s presale. WW3 Shiba is on its way to meeting projections of 1,000X growth after listing. 

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