In Conversation With Verge Founder – Justin Sunerok

CryptoSlate, which is an independent organization based in Seattle, Washington that aims to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts a snapshot of the entire market space interviewed Justin Sunerok. Sunerok is the founder and lead developer of Verge Currency. During the course of the interview, a number of questions pertaining to his motives, the progress of the project as well as details surrounding the coin’s 51 percent attacks were answered.

When it was created in 2014, it was released under the name of DogeCoinDark. It was later rebranded in 2016 as Verge Currency.

Reportedly, Verge is designed to be a privacy coin for daily use. The Verge Currency promotes itself as an improved version of the Bitcoin blockchain and also claims to be fast, efficient and ensure the privacy of the various transactions carried out.

Sunerok stated, “Verge was started in 2014, and it was meant to be a fun, privacy-based, Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency. It evolved into much more.”

One of the questions Sunerok was asked during the interview was about his background before he entered into the cryptocurrency world. He answered “I got into programming when I was eight years old. I went to a gifted school in New York, and it was the only class I liked.”

Later, he went on to discuss the latter half of his teenage life and early adulthood. He said “After high school, I got into network administration and worked for a fortune 500 company in Boston. I did that for a few years, and then I decided to start working for myself. And I did that for a very long time. I ran my own little network security company.”

It was at this time when Sunerok heard about the Bitcoin platform from his network and got involved in the crypto world. He went on say “Then, in 2011 or 2010, I started hearing a lot more about Bitcoin from friends, and eventually I justed jumped in head first.”


Speaking about the inception of Verge Currency, Sunerok said that in 2014, the privacy coin space was in its nascent stage with only two serious projects – Bytecoin and Monero. Most of the other coins being “proof-of-stake clones” of the Bitcoin, he was exposed to multiple projects since he was a proof-of-stake mining pool operator. He said “As the admin, every day I was adding two or three coins. And every day I was removing two or three coins because they were just coming and going. These guys had fancy OPs on Bitcoin Talk promising all this stuff, and of course, nobody was delivering. And they all had a pre-mine. Saying ‘oh, we only pre-mined half a percent or one percent of total supply… I worked for a while compiling code non-stop for this [mining pool]. So I decided maybe I should make my own project for fun… All these other guys were doing it, and they’re pre-mining and profiting from just making crap and hot air promises.”

After some time, the first version of the Verge was launched, and it came to be called ‘DogeCoinDark.’ Verge, which is currently ranked #50 by market cap has fallen by 1.69% in the last 24 hours. XVG reportedly has a market share of $84.2M with a daily volume of about $624.89K

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