In US bank instability, traders are turning to Bitcoin & DigiToads for big gains

In its recent report, the US Federal Reserve has shared its concerns about the financial stability of the country’s banking sector. Even though inflation eased in the past year, mid-size banks in the US have ended up on the radar of the US central bank over issues like funding liquidity and credit quality. With the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, the Federal Reserve is said to be watching the sector closely. 

Amidst the shadow of challenging times in the banking sector, there’s been a gradual shift in market attention towards top coins like Bitcoin and DigiToads. While Bitcoin is one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies in the world that has been in the news with its impressive market performance, DigiToads is a recently launched meme coin that has hit the headline with its stellar presale success.

DigiToads: A crypto project ahead of its time

Powered by the Ethereum network, DigiToads is a future-ready meme coin that is built on a multi-faceted model. The altcoin stands out because its model is a fused version of a meme coin, a Web 3.0 game, and a staking portal. Hence, one can swap tokens, play blockchain-based games, stake NFTs, win prizes and giveaways and even earn rewards for simply holding the native token, TOADS. DigiToads’ nuanced model is one of the key reasons why it has landed a spot on leading analysts’ cryptocurrency ico list.

The TOADS token has multiple uses and serves as the medium of exchange on the network as well as the governance token. It’s currently available on presale, and the rush among buyers to get their hands on it has taken everyone by surprise. With the fifth stage of the 10-phase presale process in full swing, the project has garnered more than $3 million in presale funding. Given how rare it is for a meme token to raise such funding, several market experts have termed the TOADS token among the altcoins to watch out for in 2023.

Any discussion about DigiToads would be incomplete without mentioning its play-to-earn game. Set in a metaverse swamp, the game calls players to outperform their competitors in their quest for the highest scores. To win the competitions, players can take help from a species of digital creatures called DigiToads. Possessing special powers and strength, if anyone can turn the tables in the game, it is these DigiToads. The winners will be announced at the season’s end and rewarded with TOADS tokens.

In the coming months, the team will launch a think tank where its users will learn all about cryptocurrencies, their technology, and their use cases. For attending the sessions conducted by the think tank, anyone with at least three NFTs can sign up. 

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Binance moves $4.4M Bitcoin’s BTC tokens

What cryptos to buy now? If you ever find yourself stuck with this question, any analyst worth their salt would point you toward Bitcoin. Being one of the world’s earliest & most profitable cryptos, Bitcoin’s success laid the foundation of what became the modern crypto industry. 

Today, the blockchain is driving global impact with its multi-functional blockchain network. Its native token is BTC which is the primary cryptocurrency on its platform. New BTC tokens can be generated only through mining, and as the platform processes transactions, miners pick them up and arrange them in blocks. These blocks are protected by cryptographic calculations. Bitcoin was recently in the news after leading crypto exchange Binance reportedly moved BTC tokens worth around $4.4 billion stored in its network’s digital wallets. The news was reported based on an analysis by research firm CryptoQuant.

DigiToads is no ordinary altcoin

If you sit down to compare Bitcoin and DigiToads, they strike an odd pair. One being the oldest crypto tokens and the other being the new kid on the block. Nevertheless, the two cryptocurrencies are in huge demand because of their potential to earn gains and other cutting-edge features. 

But what are analysts saying? Many analysts who have reviewed the two projects feel that DigiToads has the upper hand over Bitcoin as it has higher growth potential. Given how easy it is to earn passive income with DigiToads, the platform is ideal for anyone looking to earn long-term gains. No wonder analysts are calling it the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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