India-based Startup Frontierwallet Collaborates With Kava Labs

Frontierwallet, a revolutionary wallet services provider based in India, has announced the news about its strategic partnership with the renowned blockchain-powered firm, Kava Labs. The integration between the two leading platforms can be seen as a welcoming step for the evolution of cryptocurrencies in the Indian subcontinent.

The crucial news about the collaboration between Frontier and Kava Labs was circulated in the crypto community through an official Twitter post.

According to the official report, the strong global community of Frontierwallet will now be able to mint $USDX using $BNB assets on the Kava DeFi platform in a streamlined manner with user experience like never before. The investors will get a golden chance to put their BNB tokens as collateral for minting USDX. Even, adoption of Chainlink oracle network by Kava Labs to support the cosmos platform is in the planning phase. Which can also help Frontierwallet in the future.

DeFi or decentralized finance has evolved as one of the most promising blockchain-pegged pedagogies in recent times. These solutions leverage decentralized networks to give an advanced makeover to traditional financial products by infusing protocols of trust, transparency, and security into the system while eliminating the need for intermediaries. Presently, over twenty world-class platforms offer financial services to crypto enthusiasts hailing from around the world. The growing popularity of the DeFi ecosystem has created a chaotic scenario where the users need to manage multiple addresses on multiple platforms to enjoy access to their assets. The users need to search through individual platforms to extract information or assets.

It is here that Frontier’s wallet comes to the rescue of crypto investors. The wallet system integrates all wallets into one collective view without requiring the disclosure of the private key. It offers quick notifications such as CDP liquidation alert, notification for incoming and outgoing transactions of your address, change in balance, etc. Frontier wallet supports Maker, Compound, Nuo, Set, Dy/Dx, Uniswap, and many other protocols.

Trevor Holman

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