India’s Favorite Chingari Short Video App Teams Up with Fashion TV Network

Indian short video platform Chingari joins forces with the Fashion TV network to launch unique content and exciting products for its users. Through this exclusive deal, Chingari becomes the first-ever short video app to unite with Fashion TV. Powered by the GARI token, users will now be able to play exclusive content on fashion and lifestyle from the broadcaster.

The Chingari app’s new endeavor with the Fashion TV network will initiate the launch of 100 non-fungible tokens. These GARI Panda NFTs will be the key to accessing a suite of features and gifts, as announced by the companies. Users can buy these NFTs using Chinagari’s native GARI tokens to get early access to content like Fashion TV shows and one-of-a-kind virtual parties in the Fashion Metaverse.

Opening up about the partnership, CEO and Co-Founder Sumit Ghosh from Chingari said, “The partnership will be mutually beneficial for both the brands with Chingari getting exclusive rights to play Fashion TV content on its platform.” And what’s more, is that Ghosh is of the opinion that the GARI Panda NFTs and the Fashion TV NFTs will drive a goldrush for artists and celebrities across the globe.

President Michael Adam Lisowsky from FTV mentioned that this new partnership aligned perfectly with the company’s vision to make its content accessible. Lisowsky also stated that Chinagari’s vast clientele of more than 130 million active users would give the designers, photographers, models, and everyone behind the screen great exposure for their work. In turn, the Fashion TV-GARI Panda NFTs have the potential to bring unprecedented returns to adopters on their investments, he believes.

Launched in 2018, Chingari acquired a larger part of the market for short video content in India quite quickly. This homemade app has since expanded its business into areas like entertainment, lifestyle, and DeFi. Currently, the fan-favorite Chingari offers content creation to more than 130 million users in 15 languages across India.

The introduction of the native GARI social tokens marked the Chingari app’s entry into DeFi in 2021. Users are rewarded with these tokens for creating content on this platform. The create-to-earn model has paid off by making this short video app a comprehensive platform for all entertainment needs of its users. Through the help of GARI social tokens, Chingari has taken several initiatives for the welfare of society and also introduced DeFi into the mainstream Indian scene.

Trushti Patel

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