Indian Startup brings Blockchain and AI in the Logistics Industry

In order to bring transparency and digital transformation, Delhi-based startup ,CourierHome aims to bring Blockchain technology & AI in India. Using Blockchain, the firm’s primary goal is to create transparency of all documents and transactions around the freight landscape, improving efficiency, swiftness, and innovation of supply chains.

Using new technologies, the whole courier process gets automated and effective. Spreading at a rate of 150% per month as per customer base and covering more than 20,000 pin codes, Courierhome is the only courier platform allowing pickup all across the nation.

How Will Blockchain transform Logistics Industry?

Prateek Sharma, who is CEO and Founder of CourierHome stated today, the application of Blockchain technology is countless. The logistics industry which is a trillion-dollar industry is going to transform the landscape of the logistics industry with this revolutionary technology. Seeing the advantages that blockchain brings in logistics, it can stop frauds, eliminate inaccuracies, increase data security and transparency, improve efficiency, and reduce expenditure.

Sushant Kumar, Co-Founder & COO of CourierHome stated, “Today the industry faces a multitude of problems including transparency in supply chains with many end consumers not knowing where their products have come from, complex processes and a lack of accountability. We at CourierHome is creating a transparent and efficient system for managing all documents and transactions involved in the logistics and supply chain process with the usage of Blockchain.”

All the customers can book the courier from the website or from the app available on the Google Play Store. You can send the courier all across the globe. For instance, if you are sitting in Delhi, you can arrange pickup from Mumbai and get it to deliver all across the globe.

A customer can track his/her order directly from the app. Courierhome by adopting latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain wants to transform the logistics industry. Using these technologies, operations will become efficient, prediction becomes easy, processes change from manual to autonomous and also courier services becomes more personalized.


In order to provide the best customer experience, Courierhome has made a partnership with the world’s best logistics companies like FedEx, Delhivery, Aramex, Holisol, etc.



Bhumika Desai

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