The IndiGG and MVM Collaboration Unravels New Paradigms of Blockchain Gaming

IndiGG announces its collaboration with Metaverse Magna (MVM) to promote blockchain-based gaming in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Through this partnership, gamers of both communities can share in-game assets.

This initiative largely benefits gamers as they will access many gaming resources. Gaming guilds consist of members sharing similar interests and passions for games. Sharing in-game assets will boost their interest, encouraging them to explore and build a larger community by connecting with more players.

Also, the collaboration of MVM and IndiGG brings with it an increased number of earning opportunities. Gamers who engage within the ecosystem will be able to connect with more gamers, enabling them to improve their skills and get better at achieving virtual targets.

Yemi Johnson, the General Manager of MVM, called this collaboration symbiotic, which suggests that the vision is to create a blockchain gaming community that is more diverse and collaborative. Yemi Johnson highlights that the partnership would allow them to strengthen the economics of both guilds. Additionally, the marvelous collaboration allows gamers to focus on improving the game’s quality.

IndiGG has established a common vision with MVM, which is to build a global gaming community. MVM shares the vision, making it a perfect match for IndiGG as a partner. Both are constantly looking to serve their respective communities better through this collaboration.

For instance, Metaverse Magna offers space to its gamers where they can come together and compete to earn rewards like cryptocurrency. Forming a connection with other gamers is a bonus that the members of the MVM community get for being a part of the ecosystem. Not only does the collaboration with MVM allows IndiGG to get connected with other gamers but also to earn crypto rewards.

Metaverse Magna, also known as MVM, is the largest gaming guild in Africa. The African gaming guild is widely popular for its community spirit and offerings of games. This is a particular section that IndiGG looks to leverage through the partnership.

The mission of constructing the largest Web3 gaming DAO in the world centered in India is being carried forward by IndiGG. The aim is to center it in India by onboarding over 500 million gamers on the platform. One way in which IndiGG looks to accelerate the accomplishment of the mission is by enabling gamers to earn from the community through gaming.

IndiGG looks to reach a macro-community level through its micro-communities initiatives. However, this is followed by offering the best content developed in partnership with renowned gaming studios and developers. Previously, they collaborated with Big Time, a Web3 MMORPG, to boost Web gaming. 

IndiGG’s experience is not limited only to India but the globe to ensure that the Web3 gaming ecosystem moves ahead at a good pace.

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