IndiGG Collaborates With Big Time, a web3 MMORPG

IndiGG has agreed to enter the fast-paced race of the new game, Big Time, since they believe that MMORPGs will always be at the forefront of the web3 gaming business.

Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action role-playing game where the plot revolves around a sinister danger that threatens to end time. The game offers a unique gaming experience by fusing fantasy combat, collectible NFTs, and a journey through time.

In the free-to-play web3 game Big Time, players can travel through time with their friends or family to battle, escape dungeons, and collect NFT loot. With the help of the IndiGG scholarship programs, their community will have access to one of the best upcoming web3 games, thanks to the collaboration between IndiGG and Big Time Studios.

Players of all backgrounds can easily access the Big Time universe and take advantage of the extensive gameplay. NFT cosmetics are necessary to establish ownership of players’ items and navigate a long-term sustainable economy.

Players will run into distorted historical figures, characters, and events throughout the game. Players will delight in dressing up their characters in armor and clothing from various historical eras.

Big Time incorporates the entire system into the game, making it a seamless process for new players to get started, in contrast to other blockchain games requiring players to set up their virtual wallets.

To offer a comparable number of scholarships once the game has been made available to the general public, IndiGG has acquired more than 300 spaces. The game will launch in late 2022 as it is still in its early stages of development.

Due to IndiGG’s investment in Big Time’s spaces, they will be able to offer more than 300 scholarships to members of their community so they can play the game and make money from it. This will make it possible for the IndiGG community to participate actively in the game and benefit from its best features.

Big Time takes place in a world where a sinister threat is tearing down the fabric of time, bringing various eras together.

The game allows the player to control their own time machine, allowing them to travel through time and space to meet some of history’s most notorious characters and gather legendary items from historic battles.

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