Indigo Protocol optimizes Cardano throughput with smart contract

Indigo has announced that it is on the path to optimizing the throughput for the Cardano ecosystem. The feat came to light after its smart contracts went through several phases of development and improvement. The final form is likely to be Aiken. Another assumption is that it is merely the latest entrant on the list, with more innovations in the days to come.

Frequently, smart contracts underpin the operation of a decentralized application. They need to evolve in order to keep up with what new projects bring to the market. Moreover, there is an urgent need to initiate V2 development as the ecosystem’s utility and popularity continue to grow. In other words, more individuals are joining the ecosystem, and its applications are expanding. Consequently, a more inventive support.

This applies to every possible technology on Earth, but a reason why infrastructures like Cardano stand out is that they are in the early stage of an industry that is attempting to gain recognition and traction among people all over the world.

The first phase of development was PlutusTx. It was the foundational layer where the Indigo Protocol actually began its journey. It was quickly succeeded by PlutusTx (improved with Plutonomy). The launch was hosted on the mainnet after the V1 contracts were introduced in an introductory session.

PlutusTx may have been the foundational layer for everything, but it was Plutonomy that formed the groundwork for Indigo Protocol v1.

Aiken is the most recent installment that has been chosen for the level of simplicity that it brings with it in terms of reliability and implementation. Performance metrics further back it. Some of the aspects that make it tangible are CDP – Open Position, CDP – Liquidate, Stability Pool Adjust, Stake INDY, and Vote on Governance Protocol.

A lower percentage in all of them reflects a brighter picture, meaning that the smart contract consumes fewer resources. It then leads to efficiency in transactions, a seamless user experience, and lower fees.

Indigo has only published a small portion of the total development. According to its announcement, the team will share numerous additional pieces of information in the upcoming sessions.

Aiken is not just a technical upgrade but rather a jump into the future, where the Cardano ecosystem is more efficient. Better numbers on the chart will show the level to which Cardano has improved its throughput. Some of the advanced features that will be introduced in Aiken were previously put down in the development of v1. However, they are now back on the agenda.

The development comes months after Indigo announced that its protocol is open-source. It worked well for the community, as developers were offered access to a growing ecosystem and more robust security.

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