Indodax Integrate With Dash InstantSend to Provide Deposits Support

Taking the customer convenience to another level, Indodax has gone ahead with the integration of the Dash InstantSend facility for its deposits. This new convenience is powered by the Dash Core and Dash NEXT and expected to garner good support from both current and prospective investors. The integration of the Dash InstantSend facility will allow faster transactions and settlements between the parties involved in the process. So that you know, Indodax is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Indonesia and has been certified by the Blockchain Transparency Institute for its authenticity and legitimacy.

Operational Scale

The large scale operation of Indodax can be gauged from the fact that the cryptocurrency exchange provides services to 1.8 million investors in around 80 countries across the globe. One can trade over 50 digital assets on the platform, and exchange provides a dedicated 24/7 customer support system. It’s not be exaggerating to say that Indodax has been proved instrumental in helping the adoption of cryptocurrency among wider audiences, and its mobile app is also helping to further digital coins reach among prospective investors.

Indodax Integrate With Dash InstantSend to Provide Deposits Support

Spreading Wings of Dash InstantSend

Dash InstantSend is one of the growing technology finding favors with most of the cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe. Some of the prominent names which have included Dash InstantSend in the past couple of months include, Bibox, BitMart, 3xbit, and Bitoffer. Even the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has recognized the speed and safety capabilities of Dash InstantSend. For example, Dash’s transaction speed is 12 times faster than Bitcoin on the Coinbase, which means users of Dash can experience significantly greater speed and response.

New Opportunities

In addition to the swiftness of transactions, Indodax with now InstantSend has also opened arbitrage facilities for traders. Arbitrage presents a good opportunity for the traders to make money as a difference in the prices of the assets ultimately leads to capital gains. Traders tend to buy assets at a low price and sell them at higher prices, thereby benefitting from the price difference. There is a range of factors that play on the arbitrage that include different trading regions, different time zones, and different trading hours.

Indodax Integrate With Dash InstantSend to Provide Deposits Support

With the help of InstantSend, traders will be able to take the entry and exit positions quickly. It helps to save time, and the resulting advantage can be harnessed to the fullest to make maximum profit. The facility also expected to provide more liquidity in the overall cryptocurrency market, which will help to enhance the ambit of cryptocurrency adoption among target investors. It will be interesting to witness the scale and magnitude of the response Indodax will receive from its investors on the back of this new InstantSend integration.

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