Industry Postpones Major Events to Prevent Coronavirus Epidemic

The world is shocked by the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus bursting out of China, as the epidemic has seen about a dozen of cities fall into quarantine and more than 10,000 positive cases for the disease registered. Over 150 people, mostly from China and Asia, have lost their lives, and the death toll is likely to rise.

The crypto industry has also reacted to the outbreak and quite a few major events have been postponed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. These events were being held mainly in the places in and around China, the source of the grave epidemic. Here’s are some of the prominent crypto-blockchain events which have been postponed:

Binance Blockchain Week Vietnam 2020

The Binance Blockchain Week Vietnam 2020 was to be held from February 29 to March 04, 2020, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. However, the leading crypto exchange announced that the event has been postponed as a step to “protect would-be attendees from health risks associated with public gatherings.”

Binance has been quite actively taking part in the fight against Coronavirus. For instance, it helped distribute 70,000+ masks to the victims in China. In an official statement on the postponement of the famed event, Binance said,

“In the past two weeks, Binance has closely followed the updates of the epidemic, pledged $1.5 million in support for anti-outbreak efforts, and worked on logistics support for those in need in China.”

The company, however, is yet to declare a future date for the event.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020

The Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020 was one of the biggest crypto-blockchain events to happen in mainland China. However, since the epidemic broke out from the country, it only makes sense to postpone a large public gathering, where people from all over the world were expected to be present. The HKBW2020, jointly sponsored by Block O2O, Nexchange Group, and Cyberport, was scheduled to take place between March 2–6, 2020, and has been postponed indefinitely.

Convergence India 2020

India has been a hostile ground for the crypto and therefore, any event focused on spreading crypto awareness is extremely important. Sadly, since there have been a couple of positive cases for Coronavirus in the country, hosting a crypto-blockchain event, where most participants were expected from East Asia, including China, is not the best of things to do at the moment. The event, which was previously scheduled between February 19–21, will now be held between July 07–09, 2020.

Trevor Holman

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