Infinito Wallet Joins Hands With Simplex To Serve Crypto Community

Serving the crypto community with its world-class tools, the Infinito Wallet has announced the news about its strategic collaboration with renowned EU licensed fintech company, Simplex. The integration between the two leading firms will help the users to purchase cryptocurrencies via credit and debit cards inside the wallet itself. As a part of the promotional initiative, the customers will be subjected to a 50% discount on service fees on using the wallet’s Buy Crypto option between February 14, 2020, to February 27, 2020.

Infinito Wallet is a highly acclaimed multi-crypto wallet that facilitates users to indulge in crypto-based transactions at their convenience. Presently, the network supports more than 2,000 top-rated coins and tokens along with an array of decentralized applications. The efficient services and tools offered by the wallet, makes it shine as one of the best wallets for crypto lovers across the globe.

One of the prime reasons for which Infinito has teamed up with Simplex is to allow the users to enjoy access to a revolutionary interface through which users can purchase and safeguard their virtual assets in the best possible manner. The users do not have to bear the burden of unwanted transaction fee charges, which are common during the movement of money back and forth between wallet and exchange networks.

In earlier times, investors had to make their purchases on centralized exchanges that were studded with several loopholes. To protect the funds, the traders were advised to keep a portion of their assets on the exchanges and the other half on a mobile wallet. Infinito Wallet aims to drive away from this unfavorable and risky situation for the customers through its services focused towards the high-grade secured environment.

“Thanks to the strategic partnership with Simplex, our users can now purchase Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies using their everyday credit card at great price. With this integration, Infinito Wallet can offer the most complete crypto experience for investors: buy their first coin, track market price, exchange, use their crypto to earn more with DApps, and soon, stake to earn passive income directly on the wallet. We’re very pleased to collaborate with an industry leader like Simplex to bring valuable crypto services to users worldwide,” stated Jack Nguyen, Director of Infinito.

Simplex has earned its place in the marketspace as a reputed brand for processing of credit card payments with a 100% zero chargeback guarantee. With its revolutionary fraud prevention mechanism and AI solutions, Simplex restrains the entry of fraudulent users and allows only legitimate customers to carry out transactions.

Scott Cook

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