InfinitySwap Collaborates With Canister App

InfinitySwap, a well-known real-time crypto update platform, is paired with Canister App, a decentralized platform to provide enhanced features and a developed Internet Computer ecosystem.

Max Chamberlin, CEO of InfinitySwap, said their vision is to provide people with access to the best cryptocurrency in blockchain, which will enhance staking opportunities via DeFi. InfinitySwap helps users transact with ETH and IC tokens with less processing fees; whereas, Canister provides a seamless decentralized platform to trade digital assets.

Canister App includes NFT-related tools, including a marketplace and launchpad, that enables NFT stakings to earn tokens. It also helps users to create their NFT on the app by building smart contracts with a contract template feature. The canister app issues a token called $XCANIC as a governance token for transaction payment or to set out their Canister.

InfinitySwap enables Mainnet ETH transactions with minimum gas cost. It features stake and mining with the help of tokens. With the merger, InfinitySwap brought a crypto platform for digital investment. It has enhanced the IC ecosystem. Furthermore, it also brought DeFi projects and coins to the global, decentralized platform.

The crypto world is leading the digital currency revolution with the development of the global DeFi ecosystem. Wherein, InfinitySwap has built a direct gateway between the Dfinity and Ethereum networks.

David Cox

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