Infosys Launches Distributed Apps for Government Services, Supply Chain Management, and Insurance Services

Infosys has launched industry-specific blockchain-powered applications for insurance services, supply chain, and government services. All these comprehensive applications are designed to meet the specific needs of these sectors, which will be readily deployed for inter-operability across their networks.

A spokesperson from Infosys said, “Our applications are equipped with predictive are investment politics for business Investments that can be tailored industry-specific needs.”

He added, “The applications can be integrated with the assistance and IoT devices ensuring 24/7 transaction security between stakeholders supply chain.”

These customized blockchain distributed applications will offer comprehensive benefits of blockchain features, including transparency, security, immutability, efficiency, all-inclusive at minimum costs. The applications are aimed at strengthening the core systems and business operations and mitigate discrepancies across them.

Application in Government systems

Elaborating about each application, Infosys spokesperson said, the blockchain application in government services will restructure interconnectivity among various departments, enable smooth transfer and sharing of classified data, bring more transparency within the system and will confirm the systematic categorization of workflow, which will help to enhance government-based services under a single outlet. The blockchain application thus will facilitate the citizens.

Insurance Distribution systems Application

The integration of customized blockchain applications in the insurance sector will help the insurance firms in various administrative activities, including smart contracts and mutual negotiations between two parties, management of claims of policies, the pricing factor of policies and other insurance activities. It will help to build more trust and transparency among the firms and the customers.

Infosys Supply Chain Application

The application of blockchain in supply chain applications will integrate with the existent system and will ensure more efficiency and transparency in the entire logistics operations, including inbound and outbound activities and the distribution process across the network. The application will deliver more security and end to end seamless transactional processes across the supply chain.

Deploying the RoI (Return of investment), blockchain solutions across these services will make these sectors efficient, faster, and more trustworthy.

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